The First Half

I must be crazy...I've decided to start a blog in my "free time". I didn't even know what a blog was until our friend Ross Shealy started one a year or so ago (I'm sure they've been around for years now). I would stop by sporadically to read his postings and quite enjoyed it. Granted, my blog will not read of current news stories or politics, but rather will play host to my rambling about my new career choice...a stay at home mommy to two of the cutest boys this side of the Mississippi. I am asked all the time "How do you manage with two?" Well, here it goes. The truth.

So many of you are out of town and as much as we'd like, we do not have the chance to talk every day so I thought a blog would be a perfect place to keep you abreast of which veggie we are on this week and just how many diapers I change each day. Just kidding...Just want to share the funny stuff (Although sometimes changing a diaper is the funny stuff). This blog is for my brothers, my cousins who live away, our out-of-town friends, and anybody who wants to share in the raising of these precious boys.

Like I said, I've never done this before so go easy on me...