Stuck on you

I tend to get stuck on things.

Food, restaurants, items of clothing, songs, beauty products...you name it, I probably have a favorite "for the moment" or "for always" that I am stuck on.  When we were packing up our old house, my bestie, Ashley, was helping me pack my bathroom.  I had so many bottles of lotion she said, "You could be the most moisturized person I know."  BAM.  I literally have no excuse to ever have dry skin.   
  1. For the past few weeks I've been stuck on Zaxby's Zalads.  If you order it with grilled chicken and ranch dressing but no fried onions, cheese or texas toast it's only 412 calories!  And why is it that a salad made at a restaurant always tastes better than the ones I make at home?      
  2. Nike Tempo running shorts have been a favorite of mine for years.  I am not a runner, but these shorts are the only ones that I wear to the gym. They don't ride up between your legs {not that I have a problem with that. ha} and they have built in underwear.    I can not wear long pants to the gym so I LOVE THESE SHORTS.  And I just found them at Ross Dress for Less for $12.99!!
  3. My friends laugh that I call it "Ross Dress for Less" and not just "Ross"...it's the kind of place that requires you have to have a plan of what you are looking for like gym shorts, or boy's polo shirts and you have to shop often.  The other night I scored 3 really cute dresses for summer {and my new shorts} and only spent 60 bucks!  I also love that it's right beside the TJMaxx, so if I don't find anything at Ross Dress for Less than I just skip on over to the Maxx and you know I can always find something there!    
  4. Speaking of the gym...my gym, The FIRM,  is moving to a brand new building in a few weeks!!  I am so excited, I can hardly stand myself!  I know this sounds cheesy, but I have "stuck" with this gym for almost 5 years and I am so proud!!! You can check out their website here
  5. L'Oreal EverStrong shampoo.  I love this because it's sulfate-free and makes my hair feel really clean.  I have used the EverCreme as well, and actually prefer the smell of this one best, but it's for dry hair and was a little too much for my hair.  
  6. L'Oreal Extra-Collagen mascara.  My friend April at A.Liz Adventures put me on to this a few months ago and I love it!  I have stubby little eyelashes so I need all the help I can get.

Well.  How's that for a random post?  


  1. Hey girl! I am thinking of joining the firm in a few weeks when it moves! I am always so nervous about leaving the kids in the nursery. Are they good?

  2. "Ross Dress For Less" ... oh Misty, I love that you call it that. Hilarious. Never change that!

    I, too, get stuck on things. There is a Greek restaurant called Showmar's down the street from our office -- I've been killing their Greek salads with grilled chicken recently. And they are definitely more than 412 cals :)

    Glad you love the mascara, isn't it the best?!

  3. I was also ecstatic about the FIRM's big move. The new facility is gorgeous!

  4. Oh and I second Lauren's question about the nursery....I haven't been brave enough to take Anna yet. Now tht they have more room i think I want to this summer.