Southern boys go back to school

Today was our first day back to preschool!  For a few weeks the boys have been ready to go back to school to see their friends and meet their new teachers, but it wasn't until I watched them walk up the sidewalk holding hands that it hit me....this was our last 'first day' of preschool.   I didn't cry, but I wanted to.

And isn't that just the cutest picture idea?  I wish I could take credit for it, but alas...I am just not that creative.  Thank goodness for Al Gore and his "internet".  I saw it here.

P.S. If you click on the collage it will get bigger...when I load it as X-Large, it cuts off T's head!


Southern Boys: Happy HALF Birthday!

Four and A HALF...Monday we celebrated the boys half birthday.  When people ask how old they are I've been saying "four and a half" for a few weeks now, but Monday it was official.  Growing up we never celebrated half birthdays...I only learned of this wonderfulness a year or so ago!  We don't buy presents or anything like that, just do something special together.  My original plan was to take them down to Cupcake {mainly because I am obsessed} but instead Tradd says ,"I want to go to the ice cream store that sells chicken."  I tried to contain my giggles while I changed directions and headed for the giant ice cream in the sky.
ZESTO...has always had a special place in my heart.  I grew up eating Zesto chicken....I never even knew they served burgers and hot dogs until I was old enough to pay for my own {which was just last year}. My daddy picked up a bucket almost every Monday night...Zesto and M.A.S.H reruns just go together.  My best Zesto story?  For one anniversary, my daddy gave my mom an emerald and diamond ring in her Zesto box.  True love means Zesto.     


WTF: Why the Face?

This text convo made me laugh...

MB: I am burning onion, dangit
me:  Smells from here...you're already cooking supper? (It was 4 in the afternoon)
MB: No! From last night!  And that's suppose to be burping!
me: Well, I can only understand you when you use the right words.
MB:  I know.  My high tech phone corrects me...it's a smart ass.

P.S.  You'll only get the title if you watch Modern Family.  It's my new favorite show...
"I text.  LOL: Laugh out loud.  OMG: Oh, my god.  WTF: Why the Face?" -Phil-



I bought these shoes for myself at Target a few days ago...I bought the patent leather black ones last year and wore them all the time!  I obviously haven't worn them yet so I hope they are comfortable.  I wear black too much all the time so I thought these would be great.  They are much cuter on your foot than all scrunched up like the picture...They might have them in your size here

New Look

I've decided to make some changes to this blog!  I was tired of the old look and didn't want our last name in the URL.  The other issue I was having is that I always ONLY wrote about my two boys and sometimes I would have these ideas floating in my head that just didn't fit with that ya know?

   In the next few weeks/months, it's gonna start looking pretty fabulous around here, but until then I just decided to change the look myself with free backgrounds, etc.  Apparently the  two computer classes I took in college 10 years ago did not qualify me as a computer programer {who knew?} so it's just going to look like this while a wait on the new blog to be created...


Home Sweet Home

After 7 long months, we have finally started construction on our new home. I can hardly believe it! Each time we ride out there I am surprised that it's ours! We found this lot after church one Sunday almost two years ago. Of course, at the time we hadn't even sold our house so we would ride out there every so often just to see if it was still there. As we looked and looked, I always compared every neighborhood and every lot we would look at to the this. Rather, the way this made me feel.

From the first time we saw it, I told Lee that I could see us living there, making a home there. I pictured the boys being able to ride their bikes in the street and playing in the woods....Sitting on our front porch drinking sweet tea hearing the cows in the field nearby...Cooking out with our neighbors. And so it will be.

We've been to the bank, we've been through 15 million house plan revisions, and we have waited. And our story begins...