Happy Halloween!


Good Night/Morning

You know those hateful questionnaire e-mails that you get at least once a week? The ones that ask you to answer 30 questions or so about "interesting" stuff that your friends are dying to know about you? "What time is right now? What are you listening to that is driving you crazy? What color are your underwear?"

Well, dear reader, it is 2:22AM and I am listening to my children cry. They were sleeping like angels until about 20 minutes ago when one of them woke up. I am trying to be a good mother and follow the advice in the "the book"...I changed both diapers, reinserted their pacifiers, and laid them back down so that they can learn to...(what does "the book" call it???) oh yeah, "learn to take themselves back down". Tonight the book is wrong.

I am tired right now, but I can't sleep. I have to keep going in to their room to pat them on the back and tell them that we are indeed still in the house. It's not working. They are crying in chorus now. Lee on the other hand can sleep right through this. I am going to convince myself that that is a compliment. See, he thinks I am such a good mother that I can handle this all by my self! Now don't think that I am resentful. I can't tell you how many nights I have tried to play possum just to give him that middle of the night compliment.

On a lighter note, we are all doing well. Jackson has joined his brother and is crawling. I chase them around all day to try and spare our furniture from teeth marks. The honeymoon is over....no more playing in one stop on the floor surrounded by toys. They can move from room to room with ease. One funny story...yesterday, Tradd had pulled himself up on the rungs of the high chair. He was just hanging out while I washed out the bottles and all of the sudden he begins to cry. The poor thing. His pajamas were no match for the wax on our kitchen floor...he was in a full blown split. After I made sure he had not damaged any thing, I couldn't stop laughing.

Wait? What is that? Silence? 2:47AM.....well, I guess the book was right this time. I wonder if it will last the rest of the night...Oh, yeah and my underwear are white.


And We're Off...

Hard to believe it...our babies are crawling! I've watched in anticipation each day as they've tried out new techniques for moving from one place to the next. I'm told that all babies are different when it comes to when they crawl and how they do it. Our progression has gone something like this...first, "steamrolling". Rolling over toys, each other, and sometimes they would throw in a sequence of multiple rolls to show off. Next, they were up on all fours for a few minutes then immediately went back to "skydiving" (that's what I call it when they lay on their stomachs with arms and legs flailing). Then came the ever popular "worm"...and to think that they had no idea that they had tackled one of the hardest dance moves of the 80's. And finally today, Tradd pulls off the real deal. He starts moving one leg in front of the other as if he knew how to do it all along and has just been dragging it out to amuse me...don't fret over Jackson, he'll follow right behind his brother...I think he is just still listening to my quiet whispers at night when I beg them not to grow up....

p.s. Jackson is the one making the funny face...Tradd is the other...


First Football Games

Fall has finally arrived and in the Burton house that means FOOTBALL! For those of you who don't know, Lee is a huge Carolina fan. Yes, we went to Clemson (and that's where we met so you think that would mean something, but his blood runs garnet and black and thus so does mine...and Tradd's and Jackson's.
Their first football game, however, was not of the Gamecock variety, but rather to see their Uncle Bryson at Presbyterian College. We packed up half the house and headed to Clinton, SC for the first game of the season August 26th. We tailgated with Mom, Dad, Mimi, Pops and Uncle Taylor before the game. The babies love to be outside, so tailgating is a treat for them. The atmosphere at PC on gameday does remind me a lot of Clemson on a MUCH smaller scale, but that adds to the charm. The field where we tailgate is dotted with hundred year old trees and is a stone's throw away from the stadium. During half time we usually mosey back to the car for a cold drink and a snack (you don't need a ticket to get back in here)...after the game we walk down on the field to give Bryson a sweaty hug. PC Football will certainly be a part of Tradd and Jackson's childhood.
They also went to their first Carolina game last weekend. We met up with our friends Cindy and Jacob (Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jacob to the boys!) and again had a great time. My plan was to tailgate with everyone and then bring the boys home when the game started and traffic died down...but Cindy ended up not going into the game and we sat out with the boys. It wasn't the same tailgate that I'm used to.....it was better.


We have teeth!

TEETH!!! We've been cutting these bad boys for two months now! Jackson's bottom two are in and sharp as razors...Tradd only has one. (I guess just because he was born first doesn't mean he'll do everything first!) The baby food is going Ok...sometimes they are more interested than others. They both know how to spit it out and have been practicing their aim. I have actually thought about wearing a bib myself because I get just a dirty as they do!
Lee and I just returned from a cruise on Monday the 11th. I guess you could call it a "business trip" because we went with Lee's work people, but I only heard them talk shop a few times. We had a great time - maybe a little too soon for me where the babies are concerned, but we both had our moments and talked about them constantly.
We had their six month pictures taken a few weeks ago and they are online at www.bridgetclarkephotography.com You will need to go into client galleries and find our last name. Our password is 08272006. Tell me what you think! Love to you all!


The First Half

I must be crazy...I've decided to start a blog in my "free time". I didn't even know what a blog was until our friend Ross Shealy started one a year or so ago (I'm sure they've been around for years now). I would stop by sporadically to read his postings and quite enjoyed it. Granted, my blog will not read of current news stories or politics, but rather will play host to my rambling about my new career choice...a stay at home mommy to two of the cutest boys this side of the Mississippi. I am asked all the time "How do you manage with two?" Well, here it goes. The truth.

So many of you are out of town and as much as we'd like, we do not have the chance to talk every day so I thought a blog would be a perfect place to keep you abreast of which veggie we are on this week and just how many diapers I change each day. Just kidding...Just want to share the funny stuff (Although sometimes changing a diaper is the funny stuff). This blog is for my brothers, my cousins who live away, our out-of-town friends, and anybody who wants to share in the raising of these precious boys.

Like I said, I've never done this before so go easy on me...