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Tradd and Jackson,
I have no idea how we got here.  The start of school always makes me think of you as itty bitty kindergarteners.  We lived on a new street, you were starting a new school and you had a brand new baby brother...Hampton was exactly one week old when you started "big school."  I knew you were ready, but it was so hard to watch you take that step.
It's still a little hard every year when I send you back to school.  I love late bedtimes and no alarm clocks and beach trips, but I also love the freshness that a new school year brings, getting back into our routine, and tucking you in at night.  Hampton and I both miss the noise and the dirt that come with y'all being home with us all day.
After school today, Tradd, you said it was the best day you'd ever had and that your teacher has computers in the back of the room that folded up (we laughed when Jackson said, ummm laptops?) that she bought with her own money.   Jackson, you told me all about the job you were hoping to be assigned in your classroom (technology person) and that your teacher was so funny.  I know you won't be like this for long.
At 9 years old, you are half way done living in our house.  That means I have 8 more summers before sending you off to college...8 more "first-days-of-school."  I am soaking you up while you are still shorter than me and I can still help you with your math homework.


This is what Hampton looked like on your first day of Kindergarten!


DR in Photos

I have not found my words yet to describe my trip last week to the Dominican.  So many people have asked me, "How was your trip?" amazing.  wonderful.  life changing.  Not one of those words are adequate.

 It brought me to my knees.  
That comes close.  

good photos by Matt Densky
iphone photos by me