Southern Baby: 31 weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Size of baby: 16 inches long, head to heel, and 
weighs about 3 1/2  pounds
Maternity Clothes: It's this the cutest shirt I'm wearing!  
My friend Nancy shared it with me and I wore it for the first time today... love it!

Gender: It's a BOY!  

Movement: Feeling him move ALL the time...

Sleep: Sleeping well...
but I need to go to bed earlier. 
 I know in a few weeks I am going to be kicking myself for not doing so. 

What I miss:  Sleeping on my back, bending over with ease, seeing my feet,  

Cravings: Really none to speak of at the moment...
I have done ok with my weight gain so I'm gonna try not to loose it here at the end....
I have certainly "enjoyed" food during the pregnancy {just like last time}!   Just need to be a little more mindful of eating those fruits and veggies!!

Name:  The #1 question these days is, "Do you have a name picked out?" 
and the answer is yes and no.  
We have several that we like, we just need to make a FINAL decision! Stay tuned...

Nursery:  The nursery is coming along.  I am using the bedding we used for the boys so 
I am just trying to incorporate a few new things to make it feel like a different room.  Here is a little peek at a few of the fabrics I am considering!  



"Are we going to be friends forever?" Asked Piglet.
 "Even longer", Pooh answered. 
A.A. Milne

Before preschool ended, a few of my precious friends hosted a baby shower to celebrate our little boy on the way.  We gathered while the kids were at school for a luncheon at this darling little cafe in Lexington called Cafe 403.  Usually when we are together, we have kiddos underfoot and have conversation in spurts...so to sit together and share a fabulous lunch was such a treat!  And to top it all off, we had CUPCAKES for dessert from Cupcake!  My favorite!    

I mentioned here how special these friends are to me, but I must say it again.  So many times throughout life, I have gone into situations expecting to make friends...girl scout camp, going away to college, even starting my first job.  But what makes these friendships so unique is that they were completely unexpected.  We've laughed and cried, shared our successes and failures, but above all we've loved each other...even when we parent differently or if our children embarrass us with the occasional "flare up", as I like to call them!  
I was given so many nice gifts at the shower...bottles, diapers, burp cloths, a few outfits, and this amazing diaper bag that I had been eyeing!  I felt so special that day...I hope they know how very much I appreciated every detail and seeing every single face sitting around that table.        


Southern Baby: 29 1/2 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 1/2 Weeks...
I will be 30 weeks this Saturday and since this post is so late 
in the week, I'm giving myself the half!!!

Size of baby: 15 inches long, head to heel, about the length of a loaf of bread and 
weighs about a three pounds
Maternity Clothes: We've been in the water one way or another everyday this week so I've lived in maternity bathing suits!  Not so bad...  

Gender: It's a BOY!  

Movement: Feeling him move ALL the time...he is very active between 10 and 11 o'clock...it will be interesting to see if that's his really active time when he's here!

Sleep: Sleeping well...
haven't taken anything to help me sleep in 2 weeks!  

What I miss:  Bending over with ease, seeing my feet 

Cravings: A new yogurt place just opened in town and we've been only twice, 
but I'm pretty sure I could eat Pistachio yogurt after every meal.

I don't want to forget....I only have 9 weeks and one day left to be pregnant {that's hoping he stays put for the full 39 weeks}.  It hit me the other day that this could very well be the last time in my life that I am pregnant.  In the past, I've been guilty of wishing my life away...I know I did it with my first pregnancy and the first few years of the boys' lives.  I guess it's because you don't know what's coming next and you are just so anxious to experience the next great thing or get past the part that's not so great.  
You think the pregnancy will last forever.  It doesn't.
You think nobody has EVER been as uncomfortable as you.  They have.
You think your little one will never sleep through the night.  They will.
You want them to sit up, eat table food, the list goes on and on....  
This time, I have really tried to be conscious about slowing myself down enough just
to be present in every moment.  

The boys and I are going to enjoy this summer together.  We are going to swim and watch movies and make brownies {just out of the oven now}.   We are going to love on each other and talk about August, but we WILL NOT wish away June and July.  Because for once, I do know what's coming next and it will be here soon enough.     

P.S.  I finally added a few of my new reads to my blog roll, so when my faves update you'll know!  


Weekend Brain Dump

  • I tried blogging for the first time from my IPad...I got it for Christmas and I. LOVE. IT.   BUT it wouldn't let me add pictures so back to the computer!  If anyone can help me with that I'd love some advice!
  • We wrapped up t-ball last weekend and had the end-of-the-year party at a local pizza place. The boys were so excited to get their trophies! I didn't have my camera...I know, I know, mother of the year.
  • Last Saturday night Lee and I attended a beautiful wedding for the daughter of some dear friends. It was beautiful! I love going to weddings...love holding Lee's hand while the couple says their vows, love waiting for our first dance song to be played at the reception {it always is- Tony Bennett's "The Way You Look Tonight"}.  I also love making an entire evening of such a wonderful affair, but by nine my feet where screamin' so we had to leave.  I just learned that the bride has a blog...she is an absolute doll! You can follow her here. Lee took a picture of us with his phone and other than looking super shiny, I think it's cute...

  • The first week of summer looked just like summer should...we slept in {8:45 is now "sleeping in" for those of you without kiddos}, we went swimming with friends, and watched movies and ate popcorn! 

  • We had a pretty big storm here and lost power at around 8:30 last night...we made it through the night {one big mama and two little boys in a Queen}, but it was NOT good sleep!  Power finally came back on after lunch just as it was starting to get hot in here.  I posted on Facebook that I would never have made it "back in the day" without power...I tried to just go to bed, but of course without power, my sound machine wouldn't work.  I KNOW I will be wishing for a silent night in a few months.  
  • Made these cookies again...somebody stop me.
  • I will be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow...that means only 10 weeks to go!  I will post a picture Sunday or Monday!