Sick babies and a Send Off

We spent the better half of last week tending to two sick babies. Lee left to go out of town Wednesday and as my luck would have it Jackson wakes up from his nap with a temperature of 104. I immediately gave him fever reducer and it came down. He was up most of the night flopping around my bed like a fish, but I was glad for the company. When Tradd woke up Thursday with fever too, I went ahead and made an appointment for that afternoon. It was their ears again. Tradd had both ears infected and Jackson just one. One more in the next month or two and we are headed for tubes.
Lee was sweet enough to cut his trip short and came home Thursday night late so that I could keep my lunch plans for Friday with my friends from Springdale. People ask me all the time if I miss teaching school and I do...but mostly I miss the people I worked with...and the kids, but it's different when you teach 5th grade because we are the end of the road. All of my old students are in middle school now, so when I go back to visit I don't know any of the kids. (Just a side note, my first class of students will graduate this year!) Anyway, it was good to catch up with all of them and just be at school a little bit.
Saturday we went to Presbyterian for Bryson's Fan Day. The boys had a ball, but it was HOT! We only got to see him for about 45 minutes. He is so good with the boys although one time he was clearly using them to bait the cheerleaders. Really, we are here to help, Bryson....
And finally Sunday. My sweet Anna (my best friend Cindy's oldest child) left for college. I guess I'm the closest thing she has to an older sister so she asked me to tag along. We had a surprisingly easy time unloading and getting her settled in. It brought back so many good memories of college life for me and Cindy and Jacob. We laughed a lot that day, but in the end we all left a piece of our hearts standing on the sidewalk in Charleston. I'm so proud of her and I know she will love it there.

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