Home Sweet Home

After 7 long months, we have finally started construction on our new home. I can hardly believe it! Each time we ride out there I am surprised that it's ours! We found this lot after church one Sunday almost two years ago. Of course, at the time we hadn't even sold our house so we would ride out there every so often just to see if it was still there. As we looked and looked, I always compared every neighborhood and every lot we would look at to the this. Rather, the way this made me feel.

From the first time we saw it, I told Lee that I could see us living there, making a home there. I pictured the boys being able to ride their bikes in the street and playing in the woods....Sitting on our front porch drinking sweet tea hearing the cows in the field nearby...Cooking out with our neighbors. And so it will be.

We've been to the bank, we've been through 15 million house plan revisions, and we have waited. And our story begins...


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  1. so excited for y'all! so glad you blogged. you make me laugh!!!!!