Weekend Brain Dump

  • I tried blogging for the first time from my IPad...I got it for Christmas and I. LOVE. IT.   BUT it wouldn't let me add pictures so back to the computer!  If anyone can help me with that I'd love some advice!
  • We wrapped up t-ball last weekend and had the end-of-the-year party at a local pizza place. The boys were so excited to get their trophies! I didn't have my camera...I know, I know, mother of the year.
  • Last Saturday night Lee and I attended a beautiful wedding for the daughter of some dear friends. It was beautiful! I love going to weddings...love holding Lee's hand while the couple says their vows, love waiting for our first dance song to be played at the reception {it always is- Tony Bennett's "The Way You Look Tonight"}.  I also love making an entire evening of such a wonderful affair, but by nine my feet where screamin' so we had to leave.  I just learned that the bride has a blog...she is an absolute doll! You can follow her here. Lee took a picture of us with his phone and other than looking super shiny, I think it's cute...

  • The first week of summer looked just like summer should...we slept in {8:45 is now "sleeping in" for those of you without kiddos}, we went swimming with friends, and watched movies and ate popcorn! 

  • We had a pretty big storm here and lost power at around 8:30 last night...we made it through the night {one big mama and two little boys in a Queen}, but it was NOT good sleep!  Power finally came back on after lunch just as it was starting to get hot in here.  I posted on Facebook that I would never have made it "back in the day" without power...I tried to just go to bed, but of course without power, my sound machine wouldn't work.  I KNOW I will be wishing for a silent night in a few months.  
  • Made these cookies again...somebody stop me.
  • I will be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow...that means only 10 weeks to go!  I will post a picture Sunday or Monday!

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