Lee and I have just returned from almost a week in Mexico...we are refreshed, a few pounds heavier, and were well rested.  Until last night, when Hampton decided that our "re-entry" should not go off without a hitch and decided to wake up at 3am.  Just for fun.  He missed us.

We returned to a resort in Mexico, Playa Mujeres to be exact.  It's an Excellence Resort and did not dissapoint for a second time!  We like an all-inclusive because, quite frankly, I just don't enjoy pulling out a wallet on vacation...

We found the resort just as beautiful as our previous trip and the food even better this time.  Food at an all-inclusive can be "okay" at best, but I have to say everything we ate was wonderful.  Last time we met some great friends while we were there {hi chuck, mel, caylor and john david!!}not so much this time.  I was too busy reading Gone Girl and floating and drinking Icebergs.  So here are the pictures so that we can all drool over them....




Room {we actually stayed in the same room as before!}

EXTRA EXTRA dirty martini...one of our special drinks for the week.  The other was called an Iceberg...
a corona with a frozen margarita on top!

Sunrise...yes, I was up that early.

Iquana sunbathing

Me sunbathing

My view Friday

Love this man

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