Easter 2013

A peek into our Easter...

 POGO BALLS!  Remember these?

Is there anything sweeter 
than a baby in a bowtie?  No.  

I have to tell you THE BEST story about our Easter baskets.  Seven years ago, when the big boys were 4 weeks old, we were in Macon, Georgia visiting family.  We attended a festival {maybe Cherry Blossom Festival??} and I came across a lady handpainting these adorable Easter pails.   Of course, I bought them and they have been the boy's baskets every since.

ENTER BABY #3...Hampton.  Last year, I could not decide on a basket for him because nothing seemed as special as Tradd and Jackson's baskets.  I looked on Etsy, Pottery Barn, etc and just could not find something that I loved so we just let him used a small pail that I already had.  I knew this year that I HAD to buy him an actual "forever" basket so back to Etsy.

Y'ALL.  I found the lady from the festival 7 years ago on Etsy!  I emailed her to confirm that she was the same and ordered Hampton his forever basket to match his brothers!   Nancy was wonderful to work with and my basket arrived in plenty of time for Easter.  This link EASTER BASKETS will take you to her site, but it looks like she may be sold out!

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