Five on Friday...or Saturday Morning

I am linking up with my girl April for her fun series Five on Friday! 
 (I realize it's Saturday, but let's just go with it)


Holiday Market 2013 is in full swing!  My best girl Claudia and I are beyond excited...we have the BEST committee of dedicated women working with us.  Less than 3 months away and it will be here before we know it!  

I was super late to the iPhone world.  Like embarassingly late.  
I try to limit the amount of time the boys play on my phone because 1 phone, 3 boys...you can see the problem here.   Recently I purchased one app for Hampton that has saved me so many times when I need him occupied.  
It's called Endless Alphabet and it's a lifesaver.  
Kids are given big words, like gargantuan {pun totally intended} to "spell".  Cute little monsters run through the word to scrabble the letters leaving a shadow of the word behind.  The child then moves the scrabbled letters to the shadow to respell the word.  
GENIUS!  Check it out!   

Most of you tech savvy mom's probably already know this little trick I am about to share, but even if I help one person I will be so happy.  Hampton is forever wanting to "play phone mama" and I really don't mind it.  The catch is that kid knows his way around an iPhone and can click and swipe his way around like nobody's business!  He has texted almost everyone we know at some point.  Parents can set up Guided Access so that once in an app, 
I found this picture online to get you started.   
"To enter Guided Access mode on your iPhone or iPad, just enter the app you'd like someone to be locked into and triple click the Home button. If you have multiple shortcuts set up for triple clicking the Home button, you'll be given the option to choose between them. Just tap on Guided Access. You'll now be launched into Guided Access mode and you can begin setting it up.
Go here for more info.


Yesterday I was feeling super productive and decided to clean the outside of the windows of our house.  Most of our windows are not covered {and I like it this way!} so you really notice the yuck on the windows.  I saw a commercial for this stuff about birds flying into windows or something like that and decided to give it a try.  I don't want birds flying into my windows.  But it has to be said... if one did because my windows were SO CLEAN I would be smiling inside while I helped the little bird back to his feet.  This stuff worked like a charm and it only took me an hour or so!  I love looking out of freshly cleaned windows!!  

Never shared a picture of my big second graders on the first day of school!  

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  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Thank you for the iPhone tip, I had no clue about that. My 4 year old is always wanting my phone to play games.