12 Simple Things

I just love the beginning of the year...so fresh and filled with possiblity. Everyone talking about diet and exercise, all the grocery stores pushing healthy food, every segment on the Today Show about "A Better You in 2008"...a time when everyone resolves to do better.

And I'm just gonna say it...

This is this the first year in I can't remember how long that not one of my resolutions is about weight loss and exercise.

One particular morning in the fall (read: my 30th Birthday), I woke up and weighed myself. I stepped off the scales, rubbed my eyes and "re"weighed myself. Surely these scales were not right...I mean I did buy them at Wal-Mart how accurate can they be? I stepped off a second time, this time positioning all four feet of the scale on tile because that had to be the reason for this inaccurate data. I stepped off defeated. I decided that day that I was going to do better...and it wasn't even January.

I have done better and for that reason I have been able to focus on other things about myself that I want to change this year...here they are in no particular order.

1) Wash my face before I go to bed every night...even if I've had a beer or two...

2) Use undereye creme to "diminish dark circles and lines"

3) Have the oil in my car changed more than twice

4) Remember people's birthdays...I suck at this. And I just remembered that Marissa's birthday was on the 11th...

5) Call Marissa and wish her a Happy Birthday albeit "belated"

6) Have a hard conversation with a friend that I should have had a long time ago

7) Order pictures from Shutterfly

8) Stay calm when that girl at the gym takes my spot in front of the fan

9) Pray more

10) Teach Tradd and Jackson to say "I love you"...and mean it

11) Tell Lee "Thank You" everyday for wanting me to be at home with our boys

12) Love a little deeper

Here is to hoping that all of your resolutions stick....and mine too. And this time, when you comment, can you please leave me your birthday and anyone else's that you think I might should know about. That would really help me out on #4. Love ya Bye.

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  1. So funny how I just happened to check your blog today right after you posted (I like to see if you have blogged but I have to admit I often visit to listen to that Michael Buble song now that they have blocked all streaming radio sites at work!).

    #1 - you know NEVER to be sorry about birthdays with me! I stink at remembering birthdays - you had a big party to remind me this year so I had an advantage!

    #2 - Kudos to you on your weight loss and exercise jump start - you look fabulous! (As I sit here at my computer eating my potato chips with my sandwich for lunch!)
    Ironically my sister and I just joined:
    which is an AWESOME website that helps you journal your calories and exercise to meet your goals with all kinds of wonderful tools (recommends calories per day, reports, etc.)
    But, of course, we are not officially starting until Monday so instead of going for the salad at lunch as I had planned I said Why not splurge one last time! (I am sure I will be saying that often this weekend!).

    #3 - You really left us with a soap opera cliff hanger on #6 - got me curious :)

    One of my resolutions is to get together more often with friends so expect an invite soon - maybe we could even resurrect a quarterly supper club and not be quite as ambitious as we were when we were prego!

    Thanks for the great posts - you are a truly wonderful mom and friend and talented writer!

    Love ya,