Listen-Close Lexicon Part Two

A while back, I wrote about some funny words the boys mispronounce. I do correct them (sometimes), but sometimes I just smile. My brother used to say "thog" for frog and "thun" for fun and he turned out perfectly fine. Well mostly fine...

Tottee= Cocky "Mama, I gave Tottee a pound!" or "Tell Tottee to stay over der"

Pitle= Pickle

= attitude "I don't have a tattitude, I'm a nice boy"

Diet Tote= Diet Coke "Mama, give me a sip of yours diet tote"

Yours= your See Diet Tote...They both always say yours instead of your..no idea.

Doat= goat "Tum here doat. Tum here nudder doat" Bryson and Liz took the boys to the zoo and they visited with the doats for a while.

Untle= Uncle "Untle Bryson, Untle Tater, Untle Barry, Untle Andy..."

Titty Tat
= Kitty Cat

Gotta tell you the whole story about the last one...months ago, we were leaving the neighborhood only to see the neighbor's cat perched on a fence post. I stopped and pointed this out to the boys...Jackson's response was, "Mama, I love a titty tat." Nearly wrecked the car. I hope this doesn't predict the kind of women he will bring home to Mama. One can only pray...starting now.


  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    I also love that they call me Tarla:)

  2. What about Untle Ashley?