Southern Baby: 17 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Size of baby: 5 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in about 5 ounces...about the size of a loaded baked potato...according to parentsconnect.com "Your baby's weight will increase approximately six times over the next four weeks."  Isn't that staggering!
Maternity Clothes: Wore my first pair of maternity shorts on a hot day last week...boy is that gonna be a sight this summer!  They were so comfortable!  This is just a strange time for the wardrobe (for everyone) but especially being pregnant.  I have lots of summer maternity clothes given to me by some of my fabulous friends, but it's not quite warm enough for those and I don't need full blown maternity jeans and pants.  AHHHH!  So mainly I just try to stay in workout stuff. 


Gender: Ultrasound has been set for the first week of April!  People ask me if I have a feeling and this week I would say maybe I've been thinking girl....

Movement: Felt our sweet baby for the first time late last week.  I can feel fluttters at night when I finally lay down and am still. 


Sleep: This time change has killed me!  I can't go to sleep at night and want to sleep late!! 


What I miss: Exercising really hard. I am still trying to do something active EVERY day and still taking weight training classes at my awesome gym, but I reach exhaustion much faster now. I figure something is better than nothing!

Cravings: Water with fresh lemon!  Only side effect: more trips to the potty :(
I don't want to forget...took the boys out to dinner tonight by myself because Lee was at a meeting...I will miss our time just me and them.  I know that sounds crazy, but they are so precious right now and I am trying to give them every ounce of my attention these next few months. 

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