Brain Dump

  • I am blogging because I promised myself I would try to blog at least 3 times a week and so far well...so far I've never done it so I thought mid-March sounded like a good time to start
  • Honestly, I am blogging because I can't find the remote.  There.  I said it.  I am literally too lazy to get off my arse to find it.
  • What the heck are we gonna do about these gas prices?  I stopped to fill up yesterday (my car still had a quarter tank) because I thought it would be cheaper.  SEVENTY DOLLARS AND SEVENTY-FIVE CENT LATER I drove away. For 75% of a full tank of gas!  Do you know how many throw pillow that would buy for my busted old couch we are going to have to use at the new house until gas prices come down and we can buy a new one?  ugh. 
  •  I think this baby is a girl today.  Mainly because my face has decided to go through puberty again and as the old wives tale goes "Girls steal their mother's beauty"...not that I considered myself a "beauty" before, but really?  If I would cut bangs and throw on a Guess t-shirt, I'd be straight 8th grade.  I have yet to have anyone tell me I was "glowing"... 
  • I've started taking yoga more regularly at the gym.  I am rarely "all in".  I try my best to "release the outside world and focus on right now" but my mind is still running.  I have the warrior breathing down and surprise myself at my flexibilty.  I did, however, tweak my upper left thigh last week in the "pigeon."  It hurt so good until about two hours after class and then it just hurt.  I am avoiding all poses that are named after birds.  The "bald eagle" would be completely out of the question at this point...and I can only imagine how one would contort to get into it.
  • I would be lying if I said I didn't miss Facebook sometimes.  Am I missing any big announcments?  Is anyone pregnant?  Engaged?  Stuck behind a train in traffic and pissy? (Dan that was for you.) 
  • We just spend a gazillion dollars on electronics for the house today.  We probably should have spent the money on matching mopeds since gas is SO FREAKING HIGH.  Oh, I mentioned that already?
  • I haven't taken recent pictures of the house to post.  I will try to remember tomorrow!
  • Below is a picture of my backsplash taken with my phone (that's why it tooks like it's in 3-D)....it was laid today.  Wait.  It wasn't technically "laid" so would you say "hung"...See?  These are the things I think about while in triangle pose. 

  • This weekend we Lee and some buddies are laying the sod at the house.  This could get interesting so I will have my camera for that!

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  1. Hey! I'm a new follower of your blog! :) Just wanted to introduce myself!

    I can't believe these gas prices either. Ridiculous. Makes me just wanna stay home! But I would go crazy and thats no good lol

    Nice to meet you!