Southern Baby: 22 weeks

How Far Along: 22 Weeks

Size of baby: 11  inches long, head to heel, and weighs about a pound 
Maternity Clothes: Wearing all maternity clothes now...tried on bathing suits this week. 
 Not a pretty sight.  ewww.  I need a tan!   

Gender: It's a BOY!  

Movement: Feeling him move ALL the time!  During my very first ultrasound, my doctor said this baby was a mover and a shaker...seems he was right!    

Sleep: Sleeping well all night long!  

What I miss: ENERGY!  

Cravings:  Sonic Oreo Blast

I don't want to forget....Jackson asked me what the baby was going to call me.  I explained that he won't be able to "call" me because he won't be able to talk...he'll just cry.  He thought for a second and said, "But we can still call you 'Mama' right?"

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