Southern Baby

Good grief, we're having another baby boy!  

I found this picture in the move and kept it close to use for the "announcement" post if it was a boy...
I mean look at that face...makes me smile every time I look at it.
Our precious baby boy is perfect.  Measures exactly as he should and is weighing 14 ounces!  He was laying with his face down so we could not get a good look at his face, I am hoping we'll at least have one more ultrasound to get another look at him.  We took the boys with us, so the ultrasound tech immediately started looking for "parts" and as soon as she went across his tiny bottom we all saw boy parts!  Excited to have another cuddly, crazy, soft, dirt-covered little boy to add to our family!  


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Congrats Misty! The girls told me after preschool one day that it was boy. J and T must have been so excited and shared with the class. Sarah P

  2. Such a blessing!