Southern Baby: Week 27

How Far Along: 27 Weeks

Size of baby: 14 1/2  inches long, head to heel, and weighs about a two pounds
Maternity Clothes: Took the boys swimming with friends today and I have decided that being pregnant in a bathing suit is the bomb...no worries that you just ate lunch and 2 cupcakes!  
Stuff is bulging out everywhere so it doesn't matter!     

Gender: It's a BOY!  

Movement: Feeling him move ALL the time...It is so hard to describe the feeling of a baby moving inside of you to someone who's never felt it, and I will miss this most about pregnancy.  I love that it's "just between us."  

Sleep: Sleeping well...
taking one Tylenol PM on the nights when I have a hard time falling 
asleep and i don't feel foggy the next morning. 

What I miss:  Small-ish thighs 

Cravings:  Still lovin' regular Coke and just saw a commercial for a 
sweet mercy

I don't want to forget....I have been going through the clothes that I kept from the boys and they have been so precious with the teeny tiny stuff....saying "awwwwww this is so cute, mama...is our baby gonna be this tiny?"  So sweet...I wish I could bottle their excitement and give it back to them in a few years when this one destroys one of their toys...ha!  

I have to say that I have been proud of myself for posting so consistently with these weekly {or close too it} updates...but there is more to the story.  My best girl, Micah, said she'd make me a GIaNT chocolate cake if I kept it up...so here's to the challenge!  love you, M! 

Me and Micah

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