Mother's Day

That cold February day wasn't Mother's Day, but it's the day that I became a mother.  That day is etched into my mind as the day I came into the fullness of what God intended for me to be.  
A dream realized.     

This was the first time I saw Tradd...

 and Jackson....

This was today.  Every Mother's Day we go on a picnic...today we talked about picnics past and what next year's picnic will be like.  The boys giggled when we told them that their baby brother will probably be crawling around on the blanket.  I try every chance I get to talk with them about how our lives will change with this new baby...I want them to know that things will different, but some things will never change.  
I will always hold them when they ask me.
I will always tuck them in at night.
I will always stop and play with them.
I will always hold them in my lap.
I want them to know that love does not divide...it multiplies, so there will always be enough.  

Happy Mother's Day!  

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