Long Story Long...with bullets

hello internet.  it's been too long and here's why....

  • my computer had not been right for a while.  it was running super slow and would shutdown whenever it felt like it because it would get sooo hot.  i took it into the geek squad right after my last long post (july 7) and got it back this past sunday (july 31).  i tried blogging from my ipad, but i don't have one of those fancy keyboards for mine yet...i actually wrote a lot to go with that 34 week update and then hit the wrong button on blogpress and all was lost.  so i gave up and never tried that again.  

  • another issue i was having with my computer was that it would not play the video that i have been filming for the past few years.  suddenly this became important when i realized i had exactly 6 minutes of room left on the camera to film the impending birthday of our baby boy.  enter said geek squad.  while they were fixing the fan/processor/guts of my computer i mentioned the video "issuah" and they tried to help.  when even they could not figure it out, they sent me home with a list of things i could try. and that was that. 

  •  i followed all the geeky instructions i was given and i did it!  i have burned 20 dvd's in the past two days.  

  • in the weeks in between all of that mess, we went to Fripp Island with my family.  i didn't do as well as i thought i would at the beach.  mainly because it was HOT.  Like even the water wasn't cooling mama off.  i wasn't sleep well and really just wanted my bed...BUT we had a great time with family and were extremely well fed!

  • i am ready to have this baby.  i am not "over it".  I always cringe when I hear a pregnant lady say that...the indigestion, back pain, up at night to potty is always looked back upon with some nostalgia that first night at home with a newborn.  my mom and i were both ready to cry the morning after we brought the boys home...we joked that we hadn't "taken the tags off" yet and maybe they would take them back for a few days at least!  ha!

  • annnnnd watching the 2,342 home videos that i have in the last two days has made me miss their "babyhood'...i have held them more in the past few weeks then i have in the past 6 months.  i just grab them and hold them as long as they'll let me and tell them i love them.  

  • i am not packed for the hospital, but everything is washed and ready to go in the bag...i have so much to blog about and hope to do a few more posts this week so stay in touch...

  • my mama took these pictures of us at the beach...this was 35 weeks...


  1. Cute pics, love that dress! Can't wait to see newborn pics!!!!!

  2. I love you more than you know!!!! Can't wait til next week!!!!