Who DOES this?

Apparently WE do...
and what exactly did we do you are asking?

Wellllllll,  last week a bird flew smack into our front door.  I'd like to think it's because the glass was so clean that the little fellow thought he could just come right in, but let's get real.  Lee found this guy laying on his back on our front porch unable to use his left leg and wing.  He picked him up took him to the grass and "George", as he affectionately was named, took two steps and did a nose dive.  Literally...feathered hiney in the air, face buried in the grass.  Obviously afraid that he would be eaten by the neighborhood cat, we found a box for him and brought him into the garage.  Lee even fashioned him a bird bath, as it were, out of the bottom of a coke bottle.  Everyday we fed George blueberries, cleaned his box, and Lee would take him in the yard to 'walk' and basically check his progress.  Well, the antioxidants in the blueberries must have worked because on his 'walk' today, George flew away.  We aren't sure he was ready, because he did not fly very far before landing, but when Lee went to pick him up and put him back in the box he was running from him on foot!  So we let him go.  
Project ONE: Nurse a bird back to life. CHECK 

Wellllll, also last week, some of our sweet friends invited us over for dinner.  In that they would not let us bring a thing,  I wanted to stop at a roadside market right by our house to cut them some zinnias.  {It's the neatest thing...fresh veggies and you can go into their garden and cut your own zinnias and sunflowers} Anyhooo, while we were settling up for the zinnias, we spotted a bushel basket of fresh okra.  Lee asked how much, the man said $18 and like the good country boy he is...Lee said "We'll take 'em!"  
Months ago, we talked about wanting to learn how to pickle okra because we both love it and so 
do our boys.  Little did I know, we'd be right in the thick of it one week prior to having a baby!  
So we got a recipe from Lee's grandmother, headed out to pick up the supplies we needed, and gave it our best shot.   We had such a great time doing this together...   
Project TWO: Pickle 33 jars of okra.  CHECK

 This picture needs a caption...Lee singed his arm hair in the process!

And finally, a few weeks ago, I saw this on pinterest somewhere {please forgive me for not jotting down the link} and thought it was such a cute idea for Tradd and Jackson's teachers.  
It's basically a craft box filled with whatever you'd like!  
I included: hand sanitizer, a mini nail file, a Tide-To-Go stick, band-aids, push pins, cute magnets, pencil grippers, and Starburst!  I made the label in about 10 minutes and finished it off with a cute ribbon.  I always loved getting little surcees like this when I was in the classroom!  
Project THREE:  First day of School Surcee.  CHECK! 


  1. Girl! You have been busy! I love that y'all helped the little bird. Loved that you canned the okra - another favorite of mine and I love, love, love the teacher surcee. I want one! Ha! I know you must be getting so anxious for the BIG day! Can't wait to see pics. Will be thinking of you and praying all goes well!

  2. Awww! Yum! and Presh! I love the survival kit! i did a similar thing for sam's teachers when he was in 5k. they LOVED it! being the teacher of a teacher's child can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time!!!
    Looooooove you...