final bump

I was organizing some pictures on my computer and realized I had never shared a few of my last pregnancy pictures.  I mentioned a long time ago that I did not have a lot of pictures of myself pregnant with the boys.  At the time, I was thinking "I'm huge!",  but now I regret not doing it because I can't remember what I looked like while I was pregnant with them.  I did much better this time and already have treasured looking back and seeing Hampton in my belly.  This picture was taken on August 5th...5 days before he was born.  I was 38 weeks pregnant.  

These next pictures where taken the Monday before Hamp was born.  The night before I had Tradd and Jackson my family went out to eat at Blue Marlin together....I've always jokingly called it "The Last Supper",  We wanted to keep the tradition, but since we had to be at the hospital soooo early that Wednesday morning, we decided to go a night earlier.  This was our last family picture as a family of four!   

And this is the whole crew!  What a precious memory for me.  After we ate, we all walked up the street for ice cream...while we walked I held my daddy's hand and we talked just the two of us.  

The next pictures where taken the day before Hampton was born by my precious friend Micah.  I had mentioned to her that I wanted her to take a few pictures of me and it just worked out that that day was best for us both {I guess that's one advantage to one of your best friends being a photographer!} .  I am so thankful to have these pictures and they mean even more to me that she took them.    
You can visit her website HERE.  


  1. Misty, all of these pictures are so sweet! I love the one with you and the boys right before Hampton was born. Hope you guys are doing well!


  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Love them all!