five on friday

five on friday by mistybburton 

1.  The pen aisle always gets me.  I found these beauties on a super sale at Office Depot last night.  
Foray Stylemark 12 pack for $7!!!  I could not find that deal online so you may have to get to the store for this one! 

2.  There is that word again.  Goodness.  I am a confirmation mentor at church this semester and this is one of the verses we discussed in our first small group.  
 If you are a person of prayer, I'd love it if you would add my group of  eighth grade girls to your list.  

3.  The Old Navy sweatshirt that I posted about last week was a bust.  When Old Nay went to fulfill my order they were all gone…I seriously wanted to cry.  How does that even happen?   Falling prey to the scheme that is online shopping, I ordered a few other things just to get the free shipping AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET THE DANG SWEATSHIRT.  Anyhoo,   all was not lost because this workout shirt showed up and totally redeemed Old Navy for me.    

4.  I only like coffee when it's super cold out and I finally found my perfect drink at Starbucks!  Skinny Caramel Macchiato with an extra pump…I like sweet drinks and this fits the bill without all the calories. 

5.  Ordered this book this week and can't wait to dive in when it arrives!  Angie Smith's book What Women Fear is one of my favorites.   Extra excited because a friend and I decided to read this together…I will keep you posted! 

Happy Weekend!  

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  1. Love that fruits of the spirit image...I have it on my Pinterest!! :) And can't wait to hear how that book is! It looks wonderful!!! xx