Disney Part II {Pictures}

                    *DISCLAIMER: below you will find 900 pictures of our Disney Trip….
                       if the title didn't give it away, turn back now if this completely bores you.  
                                             YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
                                                    If you missed Part I go here

The day finally came.
We were packed to the tippy top and ready to go...

I had packed snacks galore and bought the boys two brand new movies, Epic and The Croods, to pass the time.  We stopped to eat dinner on the way and after we traveled all those miles we settled into a Hampton Inn.
{our first wake up in FL}

On our way to Disney that Saturday there was a sky writer.
If you travel on a Saturday, look up!

{Bus waiting}

{First walk on Main Street USA}

Our good friends, the Ingrams, were wrapping up their Disney adventure as ours was just beginning and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them.  Our little ones are the same age and we just love being with them!  

{Em's face is PRICELESS}

{Hampton and I waiting in line to ride in Dinoland}

{Downtown Disney}



{Steamboat ride}

{Chef Mickey's}

{Bus waiting with fingers crossed}

{Our FAVORITE ride of the trip!  Toy Story @ Hollywood Studios}

The only character that I cared anything about waiting to see and having a picture made with was Mickey.  Do not miss the chance to meet him at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom…it's on your right when you enter the park!  The waiting time was 10 minutes and indoors!

Did you notice Hampton's foot? He was trying to pose like Mickey!  When Mickey noticed, he lined all the boys us on his own for the picture above! This was our "Disney moment."  We could have left right then and I would have been filled up to the top.  
{roller coaster riding}

A note about the electrical parade…we tried to catch it Saturday night when we first got there and met the Ingrams.   It was CRAZY.  Boys could not see, we lost Lee in the crowd, and Jonathan may or may not have almost gotten us into a brawl over the fact that we were standing in someone's way.    Anyhoo, we stayed super late one night and caught the later one.  Not near as many people and we had a front row seat!

{Storytime with Belle}

{This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip.}

{Everest.  I was so proud that Jackson conquered his fear and rode this.}

{After Everest}

{parade watching}

Lee's family met us in Disney mid-week and we finished the trip with cousins!  We had a great family picture taken with Mickey, but not with my camera!  

The picture below just makes me smile.  
I tried to get the classic Disney picture in front of the "Let the Memories Begin!" sign 
and this is what happened.  
Sun in their eyes…crying two year old…completely not centered

I love this picture because it reminds me of exactly who we were on this trip.  
This picture is far from perfect, but our first trip to Disney was
practically perfect in every way.  

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  1. Hey! I probably could have guessed that your favorite ride was toy story! It was ours too. Oliver and I loved it so much. I need to get on it and do my Disney post. I just feel like it's sooooo much!
    Have a good weekend.