Dusting off the 'ol blog

How do you like the new look?  This blog was in need of a fresh look and with the help of my new friend Chelsea at Bella Lulu Ink, I feel ready to blog again.

I am NOT a computer person.  I can log in, write, publish.  That's it.  No code writing for this girl!  I like to include pictures with my posts and had been having major formatting issues when I tried to use pictures in my blog.  After a few "ugly-to-me" posts, I just got really frustrated and walked away.  

The problem with walking away is that I always have this little voice in the back of my head saying, "You should blog this."  I have a pretty great family and a pretty great church and pretty great friends who I make a lot of pretty great memories with.  I lead a pretty great life and I want to remember it.