That time we went to the beach and I only look pictures of Hampton + a field trip

 We took a quick beach trip last week for Spring Break to Edisto with the Prices.  We seriously hit the neighbor jackpot {and not just because they have a beach house lol}. Tina and I can sit on that beach and talk about nothing and everything, all at once.  Our kiddos get along better than most, no arguing or fussing or tattling.  And the husbands, well they do what husbands do...they run the beach baseball games and pack the cooler. 
Piled in the ENO

The water was freezing...but didn't stop our crazy kids. 

First time eating oysters

a tiny catcher

This week was also Hampton's first field trip!  His preschool went to the strawberry patch and he was more excited about riding on the "school bus" {read: church bus} than the actual strawberries.

His best buddy from school 

Hampton wanted to take a picture of the moms.  He actually did pretty well! 

You're famous! lol 

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  1. Loved our time together and love that our kids got to be in the same class together!