Scenes from the Weekend {Asheville}

I spent last weekend in Asheville with my high school girls.  We all live within 30 minutes of each other, but as life goes, we don't get to see each other like we'd like.  This year was different though...our Stephanie gave us quite a scare a few weeks back and I wasn't sure the trip was going to happen.  To make a long story short, a previous medical condition requires that she have a CT scan every year and this year they saw something shady.  Further testing revealed something in the middle lobe of her right lung.   The lobe needed to be removed...immediately.  Four weeks ago our precious friend spent a week in the hospital struggling to take a deep breath and in so much pain.  

Nothing makes time together sweeter than knowing things could have been different.  Knowing that God wants us to love each other longer makes me love them with a new purpose.  Having lost before, I know the sacredness of these people and this time.  
We've known each other with bangs and tight rolled jeans.  We've danced at weddings and reunions and in each other's living rooms.  We've spend the night in hospital rooms and dorm rooms, but a tiny cabin in Asheville is where we like it best.  
We never really go with a plan...we just kind of show up and figure it out.  That kind of describes who they have always been to me..."the show up and figure it out" friends of my life. 

Stephanie, Ashley, Carla~ 
Nothing you could ever say or do will make me stop loving you or pursuing your friendship.  You make me laugh until I pee and I will never see you cry without feeling the need to join you.  You are vital to my happiness and I hope I am to yours.  Until next year, diamonds.  XXOO    

The fun multiplied on the way...

Porch Mules 

We had a massage at a school downtown.  Not sure why I'm nuzzling Carla, but she seems to have liked it.  

We ate chocolate for lunch.

We finally met DONNA! 

One World Brewing Co.

We really ate A LOT and often.  

Ashley always forces us to play games...this one made our sides hurt.  And Steph's mouth.  

That time Ashley pretended to be Ray Charles at dinner. 

I got home in time Sunday to make it to the boy's baseball games.  They won 2nd place and added to their GIANT ring collection.  {The collection is not giant, the rings are}

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