Scenes from the Weekend {Blowing Rock}

We spent the weekend with my family in the mountains near Blowing Rock.  We had snow flurries on the way up Thursday, but by Saturday night we were sitting on the porch outside!  The big boys snowboarded, and even though it had been two years, they didn't skip a beat.  It comes so easy for them.
The little boys both skied.  Hampton needed help the first part of the day, but was navigating the conveyor and slope alone by the afternoon.  He was even threw up his ski pole to wave to us so there's that.
 Y'all.  Have you ever seen a two year old on skis?  This kid.  My sweet brother was so patient with him the first part of the day because he was "slight meltdown" at the top of the mountain and "I do it again"at the bottom of the mountain.  After a good nap, we came back for the afternoon and he had an absolute ball!
Saturday we headed to Valle Crucis to visit Mast General Store.   Papa and the boys were in heaven.  Hampton woke up not feeling well Saturday and we knew something was wrong when giant barrels of candy could not coax him out of his daddy's arms.
The weekend ended with a steak dinner and Hampton feeling puny.  Turns out he has the flu so we are praying that no one else gets to share in that yuckiness!  Until next time...


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