First Football Games

Fall has finally arrived and in the Burton house that means FOOTBALL! For those of you who don't know, Lee is a huge Carolina fan. Yes, we went to Clemson (and that's where we met so you think that would mean something, but his blood runs garnet and black and thus so does mine...and Tradd's and Jackson's.
Their first football game, however, was not of the Gamecock variety, but rather to see their Uncle Bryson at Presbyterian College. We packed up half the house and headed to Clinton, SC for the first game of the season August 26th. We tailgated with Mom, Dad, Mimi, Pops and Uncle Taylor before the game. The babies love to be outside, so tailgating is a treat for them. The atmosphere at PC on gameday does remind me a lot of Clemson on a MUCH smaller scale, but that adds to the charm. The field where we tailgate is dotted with hundred year old trees and is a stone's throw away from the stadium. During half time we usually mosey back to the car for a cold drink and a snack (you don't need a ticket to get back in here)...after the game we walk down on the field to give Bryson a sweaty hug. PC Football will certainly be a part of Tradd and Jackson's childhood.
They also went to their first Carolina game last weekend. We met up with our friends Cindy and Jacob (Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jacob to the boys!) and again had a great time. My plan was to tailgate with everyone and then bring the boys home when the game started and traffic died down...but Cindy ended up not going into the game and we sat out with the boys. It wasn't the same tailgate that I'm used to.....it was better.

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  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Thank you for being such a special MOM! Loving your Burton boys, all 3 of them, and sharing them with all of us. Can't wait until this Saturday at PC. We have guests from all over the US joing us!!
    What a great event for you to add to your blog. Love ya, Mom