We have teeth!

TEETH!!! We've been cutting these bad boys for two months now! Jackson's bottom two are in and sharp as razors...Tradd only has one. (I guess just because he was born first doesn't mean he'll do everything first!) The baby food is going Ok...sometimes they are more interested than others. They both know how to spit it out and have been practicing their aim. I have actually thought about wearing a bib myself because I get just a dirty as they do!
Lee and I just returned from a cruise on Monday the 11th. I guess you could call it a "business trip" because we went with Lee's work people, but I only heard them talk shop a few times. We had a great time - maybe a little too soon for me where the babies are concerned, but we both had our moments and talked about them constantly.
We had their six month pictures taken a few weeks ago and they are online at www.bridgetclarkephotography.com You will need to go into client galleries and find our last name. Our password is 08272006. Tell me what you think! Love to you all!


  1. The link doesn't work...I think you misspelled photography in the url. :)

    I did get to the website by adding the 'r' into photography, but then when I try to enter the Burton gallery, it doesn't like the password! I guess I'm destined to not see those pictures!!

  2. Got into the link and Client Gallery fine, but the password was incorrect. I might have flunked every math class I've taken, but I DO know how to TYPE numbers:) Was the date right?

  3. Oops...I was trying to get into the wrong Burton gallery:( Found it! I love, love, LOVE all of the pics in the 100s....