It's 11:50 and I should be in bed nursing this head cold, but instead I am feeling "blogger guilt" that I haven't told you a thing about the boys going to school! First of all, I know I'm their mama and all, but can I just tell you how cute they looked?! I'd forgotten about these shirts in the closet, actually I'd forgotten how to iron but that's a whole different post. Anyhoo, they were adorable...when I dropped them off they walked right into the classroom, took a seat at one of the tables, and waited patiently as the teacher's aide gave them a few goldfish crackers (you can get these two to do just about anything you want for food). I nonchalantly walked out of the room and left. I got in my car and for once I didn't know what to do with myself. Three hours later as I rushed back to pick them up (I figured out what to do with the time), I was greeted by a smiling teacher and two happy babies! She said that they were awesome...just what a first-timer wants to hear...

We also cut their hair for the first time the night before school started. You know we had been going back and forth on it and we just decided to do it. I held as Lee cut. I don't think I will ever forget sitting in our kitchen holding each boy while their Daddy gave them their first haircut. Little baby hair all over me and even in my mouth...Lee and I laughing nervously about what one wrong snip would look like...trying to tape ourselves with the video camera "handsfree"...and suddenly two little boys walking around our house.

AND finally, Elmo. We went tonight with the Shealys and Sturkies. Of course, Tradd and Jackson were more interested in going up and down the steps and helping everyone else eat their snacks, but they did enjoy seeing "Melmo".

Well, it's 12:10....today's my birthday. I'm thirty. I'm old...I should have been in bed hours ago....

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are such a great mom!! I wish we could have gone to see "MELMO"!! Glad you had fun!! Hope you have a great 30th!! Maybe next week I can take you to lunch to celebrate!