Waiting, but RESTLESS

Well, hello there....it's been too long, internets.  The truth is I have so much to blog about, BUT as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am waiting on a real fancy "blog makeover" and did not want to post until it was all new.  As you can see, I gave in (mainly because the one person who reads this blog gave me crap).  Here are all the things I need to blog about: soccer, a family field trip, NEW YORK, USC football, and the house...and since it's late and I am praying that my new fancy blog will be up tomorrow, I will just give you a few house pictures because that's easy!  ha!

I can not believe how fast this part has gone.  In a matter of weeks, our whole house has been framed and our windows and front door have been set.  It's been unbelievable the changes that have taken place and the big decisions that still have to be made.

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