RIP Blackberry

I am burying my Blackberry today.  It's over two years old and tired.  But before I let it go, I had to get the pictures off of it and in doing so ran across a few hilarious/embarrassing/sweet pics that I had to share...here is a sampling of the 696 pictures that were on my BB.  This means that I am getting a new phone and will once again feel like an idiot and not be able to operate the call waiting feature.... for some reason that one always gets me with a new phone.

First pic I took with BB

My future SIL 

First trip to dentist

J in his ridiculous Spiderman sunglasses 

Clown Day

Carla with a straw up her nose 

An interview done at preschool for Mother's Day

Relief poolside

Found them sleeping like this

Bryson with a butt-cut

Fripp Island

With TayTay at LaFogota

Micah and Me watching the Gamecocks

Steph and me on the way to Fripp

Lee singing Karaoke at Johnson Creek Marina with some lady dancing up on him

Our mark on JCM

Tradd didn't like the fireworks at the game

House going up

Shirts we bought to tell T and J we were having a baby!

Molly in the snow

Family portrait one of the boys drew on the wall while we lived at my parents

First USC Baseball game 2011


Snake hunters...in my parents backyard

Pic I took of my pregnant belly this summer
{I can't believe I just put this on here....}

Pic T sent me the night he and Ash got engaged

My geographic tongue...went away after I had H


First time holding brother

H's BIRTHday

First day

Coming home

Car beside me in traffic...they had a lot of "activities" 

Crazy eyes

I could eat him

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  1. Great! I remember when you texted me the belly picture!!!!!