New York {Day 4}

It's always hard for me to leave when I'm on vacation, I start to dread it the night before, looking at my suitcase wondering how in the world I am going to fold all that stuff back up to fit; thinking of the reentry into "the real world" and the laundry.  One great thing about our New York trip was that our flight home didn't leave until around six so we essentially had another whole day.  That made the whole "going home to be responsible" thing not so bad.  

When planning the trip, I asked Lee what one big thing did he want to do while we were there.  He said he wanted to visit the American Museum of Natural History.  {I mean we had practically been watching Night at the Museum on repeat with the boys so I could see the draw.}  We packed our bags and gave them to the concierge at the hotel to hold for the day and decided to take our time and walk.  It was 36 blocks.  Like almost 2 miles. And that wouldn't have been so bad except we were walking to a museum in which we were going to be walking around for more hours....Suffice to say that by the time we hit the Hall of Asian Peoples I wanted to curl into the fetal position and take a nap right there on the floor.  The newer 
  exhibits were really amazing, but others were really outdated and boring.  

 After the museum that never ended  that was wonderful, our plan was to have a late lunch in Central Park  at The Boathouse. So, you guessed it, we walked across the park.  At first, this also seemed like a good idea, but GOOD LORD that is a wide park!  Ha!  All my northern girls who are reading this right now are dying laughing...and yes, we did have a map, but two inches looks like nothing until you start.

Strawberry Fields 

After lunch, we picked up our bags and headed back to the Airport {not on foot} and came home.  What I love about New York besides the food, shopping, and shows...it that you truly could go once a year for the rest of forever and never do the same thing twice.  Just writing this post makes me want to go back so badly...maybe next year!

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