New York {Day 3}

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you will remember that Lee and I took a trip to New York in October of last year.  It's something about this time of year that always makes me want to drop everything and run straight for the big city!  Today while talking to my friend Caroline {who's planning a trip to NYC}, we laughed because I blogged about Days 1 and 2 last year, but never Days 3 and 4.  She said, "I knew you went longer than just two days!"  Ha!  So I hope these pics will help Caroline get even more excited about her trip, and maybe, just maybe, they will satisfy my urge to head north in her suitcase. 

This picture wasn't taken on day 3 or 4, I just love it and it makes me smile.

We started Day 3 of our trip with a visit to the Empire State building.  Neither one of us had ever visited the ESB before...we waited in line what seemed like fo-ever, then got in an elevator that took us to the top.  We  were probably up there 30 minutes or so.  I'm not sure it's something we'd do again {I've been told that the Top of the Rock @ Rockefeller Center is better}.
However, the view is amazing and I'm glad we can say we've done it.

Statue of Liberty in the distance

Brooklyn Bridge

Guess who?

View of Central Park

We didn't get an early start this day and the ESB took so much time, that we decided to leisurely walk back to our hotel and see what we could see.  We walked past the New York City Public Library and hung out in Bryant Park a while.  During the winter months, Bryant Park is tranformed into a skating rink; while we were there they were just beginning to prep the rink.  

Bryant Park

Lee and I walked EVERYWHERE on this trip.  We didn't take the subway once, and only took a few cabs.  I know NYC is all about fashion, but I was a dork and wore comfortable shoes!  Once we got back in the general vicinity of our hotel {we stayed in the Westin} we grabbed a burger at this place called the Shake Shack.  They are all over New York and have a good burger...
more like Five Guys than McDonald's kinda food.
We went back to our room to stuff our faces, and change clothes for Wicked!  I have wanted to see this show since forever and it did not disappoint.
And just for extra info, the other show that is a MUST if you've never seen it is Jersey Boys.  I saw it in Chicago and let me tell you...AMAZING.  I think Lee would love this show...maybe next time.
{I even bought the CD...shhhhhh}

Flowers near our hotel...could not get over how beautiful all the street stands were!

In the theater, right before the usher told me to put the camera away

After Wicked, we took a cab to dinner and passed by  Radio City Music Hall

This is Lee very politely putting on his seatbelt after we realized the cabby was going to drive erratically....ha!

My friend Christi suggested we eat at Blue Water Grill in Union Square so we made reservations earlier in the day.  The food was wonderful, although a year later I can't remember what I ordered exactly!  I do remember the martinis being just what I needed after a long day of sight seeing!

I will be posting Day 4 tomorrow or Sunday!  And by the way, I am extremely technologically challenged .  My computer officially bit the dust so I've borrowed my Dad's computer.  Such a pain.  Need to update you on Baby Hampton!  



  1. Michelle and I saw "Wicked" at the Gershwin last October too!

    Any reason you took cabs instead of the subway? I have never taken a cab in NYC...just the subway and ferries. Much quicker I think.

  2. It is an amazing city, although I am a bit biased! Next time you make it up here I'd live to meet you for lunch or dinner. Great pictures, being a native new Yorker you never do the "tourist" thing but seeing it from your perspective is great! Thanks as always for sharing! Xo