It worked

Well our snow-hoping worked!

Our first snow was fun, but short-lived.  My favorite part of a "snow" is watching it fall and this particular time it started at night so you really could not see what was going on.  We woke up to white…bundled up and all headed outside to play with our neighbors!  We took naps, sat by the fire, and then headed back down the street to the Price's for Travis' famous chicken bog.  

In between the two snows I had to travel…one weekend away for a church retreat and the next week, five days to Dallas for work.  I missed my boys so much and I think having to be away has really made me not have cabin fever!!   I am a homebody anyway…I can go days without leaving the house and be fine with it!

This snow has been different in that with it came ICE and the threat of a power outage.  We have been lucky not to lose power and Lee has kept a fire roaring in the fireplace.

*completely random tip: If you are building {or will one day} and want a wood burning fireplace without the hassle…we had gas run to our fireplaces when building so that when we want a fire we stack up the wood, turn on the gas and light the fire!  We had to buy a burner bar for the value that basically sends the gas the length of the fireplace as a "starter".   It is one of my favorite things that we did in our house!

The snow and ice have been beautiful this time...

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