I am not doing a good job with this blog!   Between me working more, Lee having to travel a few times for work, the boys playing baseball, and all that goes into just keeping clean undies on 5 people....we have been spread a little thin.

In fact, the last time I blogged I had just returned from a work trip to Connecticut.  I have been here two times since and am here now.  I've loved the school I've been working in and luckily have meet some really great educators along the way (Hi Kara and Katie!)  

I've got to back it up a minute and recap our spring break....

We started with the dreaded stomach bug.  Hampton, then Jackson.

We had a trip planned with some of our best friends to Edisto.  The two sickies seemed to turn the corner so we headed out of town kidless, only to get down the road and have Lee's mom call to say Tradd had thrown up.  Super.  He only got sick one time so we proceeded on with trip, knowing that if he got sick again we'd have to go home.  That never happened so on with the FUN!

A few month before break we bought tickets to the Heritage golf tournament in Hilton Head.  Our plan was to go to Edisto, have a day on the beach where we would enjoy the sun, and the next day drive to HH for the tournament.  We started our beach day eating breakfast at Seacow, a local Edisto eatery, because what's better than biscuits and gravy before a bathing suit?

We all had one plate.  Except Travis.  All three plates at the top are his.
Man is serious about breakfast.  

On the beach in sweatshirts and wrapped in towels! 

Our beach day was not quite the warm sun-basking that we imagined, but there really is no bad day on the beach!  We had a nice dinner at the marina and turned in early because we had an early morning ahead of us.  

The drive over to Hilton Head was not too bad {longer on the way home} and we had great weather!

Easter Sunday was the bookend to our break!  This picture was taken before church...

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