Spring 2014

{In an effort to make my mama happy, 
I am going to blog again...
or at least try to catch up}

                                 Spring was...

  meeting cousins in the mountains and floating down the creek.

         Watching two boys get the news they made All-Stars
            and getting scooped up by your Gigi to celebrate.  

             Spring was meeting under this tree in Bryson City, 
       in front of a church, where my Nana worshipped as a girl and 
                                    hot tubs with bubbles. 

                      Spring was jumping hurdles at field day...

                                       and tugging ropes.  

                               Spring was a baseball tournament and

                                   a trophy that looked like a cup. 
                                      {Mothering boys is funny}

         Spring was a make-up Mother's Day picnic with my boys. 


                            Spring was the second grade field trip and 

                                 finding my green thumb {happy to report it's still alive}.

                          Spring was more baseball with buddies and 

                                      finding the mud hole at the park.  

Spring was saying good-bye to second grade and looking forward to Summer! 

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