Clearly NOT What Happened to Us

I've read about this happening when we found out we were having twins...

We have a crazy next 2 weeks, but I've got a good blog brewing in my head so stay tuned...


12 Simple Things

I just love the beginning of the year...so fresh and filled with possiblity. Everyone talking about diet and exercise, all the grocery stores pushing healthy food, every segment on the Today Show about "A Better You in 2008"...a time when everyone resolves to do better.

And I'm just gonna say it...

This is this the first year in I can't remember how long that not one of my resolutions is about weight loss and exercise.

One particular morning in the fall (read: my 30th Birthday), I woke up and weighed myself. I stepped off the scales, rubbed my eyes and "re"weighed myself. Surely these scales were not right...I mean I did buy them at Wal-Mart how accurate can they be? I stepped off a second time, this time positioning all four feet of the scale on tile because that had to be the reason for this inaccurate data. I stepped off defeated. I decided that day that I was going to do better...and it wasn't even January.

I have done better and for that reason I have been able to focus on other things about myself that I want to change this year...here they are in no particular order.

1) Wash my face before I go to bed every night...even if I've had a beer or two...

2) Use undereye creme to "diminish dark circles and lines"

3) Have the oil in my car changed more than twice

4) Remember people's birthdays...I suck at this. And I just remembered that Marissa's birthday was on the 11th...

5) Call Marissa and wish her a Happy Birthday albeit "belated"

6) Have a hard conversation with a friend that I should have had a long time ago

7) Order pictures from Shutterfly

8) Stay calm when that girl at the gym takes my spot in front of the fan

9) Pray more

10) Teach Tradd and Jackson to say "I love you"...and mean it

11) Tell Lee "Thank You" everyday for wanting me to be at home with our boys

12) Love a little deeper

Here is to hoping that all of your resolutions stick....and mine too. And this time, when you comment, can you please leave me your birthday and anyone else's that you think I might should know about. That would really help me out on #4. Love ya Bye.



Tonight we had friends over for dinner. It was nothing fancy...just chili with the toppings, but it was a special night. We needed to see these friends TONIGHT because they are having their second baby girl on Thursday. I don't know if they remember or not, but they did the same with us just before I had the boys. I can't remember what we ate or the specifics of what we talked about, but I remember that when we left their house that night I was thinking how lucky we were to have friends that love us. I hope they felt that tonight when they left my house.... because we do love those two.

This time for my friend has been very different than the first time, from beginning to end. Instead of her watering breaking in the middle of the night, she will go to the hospital bright and early Thursday morning to be induced. So talking to her brought back so many feelings for me. There is a certain level of anxiety the comes with knowing when you will be going to the hospital to deliver. Did I pack underwear with no holes? Did I forget anybody on the "call" list? Are my toenails painted? Did I remember to tell Lee to water the pansies before we leave so that they will look good for the coming home pictures? Will "Hawaiian Orchid" pink match my nursing gown? These are the questions that were running through my head when I was where she is right now. Forget preparing to leave my job or making sure the bills were paid. Are you kidding? My mind was consumed with preparing myself for the birth and consequent stay at the hospital. I actually worked the Monday and Tuesday before I had the boys on Thursday, so I only had one day off before the big day. Good thing. Can you imagine the post-it note lists that could have accumulated if given one more day?

The funny thing is that when you are about to have your first baby (or babies as it were), those are the only things that you know to prepare for.

Not one minute before 1:09 pm on Thursday, February 23rd could I have prepared myself for the look on Lee's face when he saw that first baby out of my belly. Or the way my heart leapt when he left my side to check on them and hear that first cry. I never thought ahead to the recovery room, but I could never have prepared my heart to feel the way it did when my two brothers were the first faces I saw and we had time to be together just the three of us. I never thought ahead to what I would eat while I was there, but my Daddy did. He and Mama and Aunt Judy and Bruce cooked a three course meal and brought it to the hospital in coolers. I was so completely blown away by the entire thing....and you just can't prepare yourself.

I don't even think I wore underwear until the day I came home, so I really only needed one good pair. The call list was a bust. Called one person and then they called 10 so my whole list was useless. My toes did look good though...they just stayed that color until July. And the nursing gown? I ditched the gown and just wore the robe. Easier access.

Of course, my sweet friend is not a first time mom so her primary concern is for her other child and making sure that she is taken care of and feels a part of this. And I'm sure if we ever have another baby Tradd and Jackson will be who we spend time preparing and loving right up to the last minute. Funny how our focus changes huh? although I do need to ask Steph about her toes......

I love you Steph...can't wait to meet your little one.