The Great Pumpkin Chase

was a
pumpkin chasing
hair painting
trunk or treating
mummy making
good time!



Lee and I have just returned from almost a week in Mexico...we are refreshed, a few pounds heavier, and were well rested.  Until last night, when Hampton decided that our "re-entry" should not go off without a hitch and decided to wake up at 3am.  Just for fun.  He missed us.

We returned to a resort in Mexico, Playa Mujeres to be exact.  It's an Excellence Resort and did not dissapoint for a second time!  We like an all-inclusive because, quite frankly, I just don't enjoy pulling out a wallet on vacation...

We found the resort just as beautiful as our previous trip and the food even better this time.  Food at an all-inclusive can be "okay" at best, but I have to say everything we ate was wonderful.  Last time we met some great friends while we were there {hi chuck, mel, caylor and john david!!}not so much this time.  I was too busy reading Gone Girl and floating and drinking Icebergs.  So here are the pictures so that we can all drool over them....




Room {we actually stayed in the same room as before!}

EXTRA EXTRA dirty martini...one of our special drinks for the week.  The other was called an Iceberg...
a corona with a frozen margarita on top!

Sunrise...yes, I was up that early.

Iquana sunbathing

Me sunbathing

My view Friday

Love this man


Celebrating Sixty

Last week my daddy turned 60 years old, so we hosted a little surprise soiree to honor the birthday boy.  We had barbeque, birthday cake, pumpkin beer, and a good time!   

 These next few pictures need a bit of an explanation.  
My cousin Lauren-Summers came in town with her mama {my Aunt Judy} for the party and she stayed with me! 

She is my soul sister.  
She is hilarious,
and she pretty much makes my life.   

She arrived at the party just as it was starting so I wasn't able to jump in her arms and kiss her give her a proper greeting .....so I did it after everyone left.  That explains this picture...

Then we stayed up until 2:30am talking.  
Now THAT was a sweet porch party.  

  Our babies together...sweet cousin boys.

She also is an amazing artist...
You can visit her ETSY shop here 


Random 13

1. A few weeks ago I turned 35. It feels different. It feels weird coming out of my mouth. 35. I remember when my parents were 35.

 2. My birthday was made special by my sweet family and friends. A few of my girlfriends got together for dinner the night before and gave me the sweetest gifts...so thoughtful. Just makes you feel good when someone knows you well enough to surprise you with a just-right present.

 3. Then my family celebrated some more at our tailgate the day after my birthday and again...sweet sercis for the birthday girl. And my mom got me a cake because that's what mamas do. I have always felt like everyone needs a proper cake on their birthday. Thanks, mama!

 4. Enough about me.

 5. Well one more thing...Holiday Market season is in full swing. I am really looking forward to this year. You see, this year is what some would call "the calm before the storm." I am Co-Vice Chairing the market this year with my best girl, Claudia. This is basically the year that we are in charge of a FEW things and are expected to observe our chairs and committee so we'll know what to do next year.... when the storm hits.

Me and Claude at Market in 2009

 6. Claudia and I were affectionately tagged "Oprah and Gayle" a few years back. I like to think it's because people see us as a powerful best friend duo...let's just go with that. We both have 3 boys, love Blue Moon, and don't own "designer" anything. Just two peas in the proverbial pod.

 7. The boys have a had a great start to 1st grade. They love their teachers and are full-fledged readers. I have been informed that Tradd is in love. Stop it. Rumor is that this "girlfriend" started calling him "Traddy Boo". Seriously. Stop it.

 8. Hampton is apparently the smartest baby in the world. He only walked for a few days until he learned that the faster he shuffled those little feet, the faster he could wreck havoc. He is climbing stairs, throwing away his own diapers {for real}, mounting his rocking horse solo and eating us out of house and home...and making our house an incredibly happy place to live.

 9. This time in two weeks I will be sitting on a beach in Mexico without a care in the world. Counting the days, people, counting. the. days.

 10. A girl in Best Buy approached me to tell me I looked like Katy Perry. Really? Not sure if it was the no make-up and workout clothes that prompted that I have no idea.   I, of course, said, "Thank you. I get that all the time."

 11. Today was my lucky day at the Target. I wanted a salted caramel mocha so badly, but decided to save the calories. I thought about that goodness the whole time I was shopping. And would you believe when I was checking out, the little Starbucks fairy was handing out tiny sample cups of the salted caramel white mocha. Yes, please! Got my little fix for free and saved 400+ calories!

 12. I say "the" before most store names...the Wal-Mart, the Ross Dress for Less, the Publix. I have no idea why I do this. Do you?

 13. The other day in the car Jackson informed me that they were triplets. I explained that he and Tradd were twins, but that Hampton was just their brother. He said no. Then he told me that when we have another baby they will be fourlets...and after that fivelets.


Birthday {Details}

Several peeps have e-mailed me asking for Hampton's party details so I thought this would be the easiest way to share!  I got my inspiration from one blog that I've read for a while now...According to Nina.  She is actually a real life friend to my friend Erin!

Anyhooooo, Nina hosted a fabulous party for her little boy, and while mine pales in comparison, I was able to incorporate many of her ideas!

High Chair -
 My sis-in-law, Jan, came through in a big way on this one!  I mentioned this idea to her when we were at the beach a few weeks ago and she asked her mother-in-law {who buys and sells antiques}.  Her MIL actually had one that she was getting rid of so Jan bought it for Hampton for his birthday!!  I spray painted it with Valspar Classic Red.

 Bought wholesale through MSR Wholesale Balloons  Search under Latex Balloons for 

Big Polka Dots Jewel Assortment - 16 inch.  I also blew them up myself with a helium tank purchased at Wal-Mart, but I've also seen them at Target.  The tank blew up roughly 15 sixteen inch balloons.

Party Hat-
Ordered from Dainty Couture on Etsy.

Decided to make my own cupcakes which always sounds like a great idea until I am elbow-deep in batter the day before the party.  BUT I have to say they turned out wonderfully!  Served two kinds...Mazola Oil and Funfetti
I also bought my buttercream frosting from Sam's.  They sell lots of colors in the bakery and of course, it's Sam's so the container is huge.  Like 12lbs huge.  However, the lady told me it would last for well over a month.  I am also going to see how it freezes! 

Also thought it might be helpful to give you a few gift ideas for a one year old...here are his favorites in no particular order..

Favorite Team Apparel...
Hamp got his first jersey and a precious hoodie!
Soft golf clubs {couldn't find link}

Hope that helps!  If you have any more questions, just leave a comment or send me an e-mail!


Southern Baby: One Year

Dear Hampton, 

Happy Birthday!  
You are ONE!! 

You are... 

pure sunshine
wispy hair
chubby fingers
mama's boy

You made our family complete...more full...more us.  
We adore you precious boy,