The Answers

I'm working on writing a book about twins...here is what I have so far...leave me a comment and tell me what you think...

Title: The Answers

Dedication: To Tradd and Jackson, I hope you both have a set of twin BOYS when you grow up. Much Love, Mama
To Mothers of Twins, good luck, you are gonna need it.

Yes, they are twins. Yes, two boys. They are (x) months old. Yes, I do have my hands full. Yes, they are identical. Yes, I can tell them apart. How? Because I'm the mama. No, twins don't run in my family. No, we were not on fertility drugs. Yes, we do go through a lot of diapers. No, I do not want to be in your "twins club"...wait...do y'all drink at those meetings? Thank you, I know they are adorable.

The End

I'm pretty sure I've got a best seller on my hands.....