You can't make old friends

 Oh no!  I've done it again…I've let the blog slide so I'm jumping right in!

The last weekend in September, Lee and I headed north to Clemson University for Homecoming.  We met and fell in love {just a few years ago} in this beautiful place so it holds a special place in my heart…and only my heart because any one who knows my husband well knows he is not a tiger fan.    

It's always funny to me to go back to my "old" places. 
 They always seem so small.  What I have come to know is that the 
lens that I am looking through now is just larger. 
We walked to my freshman dorm and past Tillman Hall {where most of my education classes were held}, and then back to main street to meet up with our friends.  


Gena and Nathan hosted all of us in their beautiful new lake home on Keowee.  I know that we will make more wonderful memories together in that perfect slice of heaven. 

The details of the weekend are really not what's important.  
What is important is that since we left that campus we have all married and stayed married.
We've had 11 children.
We've all moved on from our first homes, our first jobs, and our "plans" of how our lives would go. 
We have lost friends and loved ones, kept secrets, and we are changed.

What's important is that we are still us, even though everything is different.  

You can't make old friends, but you can keep them. 

Love my "Golden Girls"