1. My baby tooted so loudly yesterday the dog barked.
  2. While trimming Jackson's fingernails this week I noticed he had been biting them again...I asked, "Jackson, have you been biting your nails again?"  To which he responded, "No, I've just been cutting them with my teeth."  ok. 
  3. I just noticed on my settings page from blogger that people have found my blog by searching Google for "bare butt" and "singed arm hair."  As long as it wasn't "singed butt hair", I guess I'm ok with that.  
  4. In related news, my blog has been viewed by someone in Poland and someone in the Ukraine...I wonder if they were the ones looking for the bare butts???  
  5. I went to the gym yesterday for the third time since the baby was born...it was not pretty...apparently pregnancy has affected my ability to hear a beat, move my arms and legs simultaneously and know my right from my left.  I looked like a drunk chicken.   
 MY SHOW Modern Family is back on!  My favorite quotes from last week's Dude Ranch episode...

Mitchell: “So, we haven’t told the family yet but we’ve decided to adopt a baby boy!”
Cam: “From America this time, you might say we’re buying domestic.”
Mitchell: “In private. You might say that in private.”

Phil: “I've been practicing like crazy all my cowboy skills. Shooting, roping, pancake eatin’.”

 and from "When Good Kids Go Bad"...

Alex tells Haley to shut up: “Could you L a little less OL?”

Phil free-styles: “Girl you crazy. I’m mad fun to shop with. Trapped in between two whole wheat slices. Pastrami and Swiss are my only vices.”

Cactus Flower



Well.  hello there.  let's use bullets, shall we?

  • I have NOT been doing a good job with this blogging thing.  For some crazy reason, I envisioned that I'd have hours of free time when the boys started school and I only had Hampton at home.  wrong.  I didn't factor in that a lack of sleep and showering on a semi-daily basis would get in my way.  As all mama's will tell you, the first few weeks with a newborn are foggy.  I am beginning to feel the fog lift..
  • I am getting more sleep now because I finally bought the MOM'S ON CALL 0-3 Month Seminar.  I first learned about Moms On Call through my friend Erin.  After the first night, I called Erin to tell her IT WORKED!  AND OH MY GOSH I FEEL LIKE I COULD RUN A MARATHON!  I am sure she hung up laughing while doubting my sanity.  It's amazing how enthusiastic a few straight hours of sleep will make you.  And if you aren't reading Erin's blog Blue-Eyed Bride you are missing out.      
  • This is my last week of "taking it easy".  I had my 6 week appointment Tuesday and got the go ahead to jump back in at the gym and {mom, stop reading now} to jump back into "other things"....ewww.  That's all I have to say about both of those things.  Seriously though,  I have to lose these last few 10-15 pounds and it's not gonna happen eating the wonderfulness that is a Triple-Double Oreo.  
  • I worked for the first time this week since having the baby.  It felt good to squeeze into my fat pants and use my brain for something other than "mommy stuff".  It didn't feel good to leave my little man.  My future-sister-in-law came to our house to keep him...she is a nurse {and a baby nurse at that} so I had absolutely no concerns with leaving him with her.  Knowing her infant CPR is up-to-date and that she could put in an IV with household items if need be didn't hurt either.   
  • This came in the mail yesterday.  Does anyone else live for this trip to the mailbox once a month like me?  
  • Funny story.   When Lee got home, he picked my magazine up to flip through it and I literally flipped on him.  PUT IT DOWN.  I look at it first, mister. 
  • And Facebook.  Why do you keep changing?  I don't care that much, but now everyone's post for the next week is gonna be about how much they hate you.  I saw this on Pinterest and spit Coke through my nose.

  •  I also got a new planner a few weeks ago.  And if you are related to me, have spent any amount of time with me, or are breathing near me, I have told you about my new planner and may or may not have pressured you to buy one and be as cool as me.  I am literally making plans JUST to have something to write down EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. DAY. AND. NIGHT.  {If you own said planner, you totally got that and are laughing out loud right now because you do the same thing}  Case in point, on Monday, September 5th, I wrote "Home All Day."  Really?  I die.  Now if you want to buy one too...go here and tell them Misty sent you.  That will mean nothing to them, but everything to me.  ha.  

  • Look at these cute football players!  This football season we had several away games to start the season so we just had family and friends over here to watch the games.  When Lee and I were building, we dreamed about watching football on our back porch!  We have loved it and can not wait to have a fire out there....and watch our own "little team" play in the backyard!

  • One last thing.  If you just read all of these bullets and are still with me will you please comment on this post?    One year ago, I convinced Lee that I needed a blog makeover because I had "so many readers"  ha!    I want to show him that tonight that people are actually reading this.  For me? Please?  


Southern Baby: One Month

Dear Hampton, 

You are ONE month old!  

I find myself whispering in your ear, at least once a day, to slow down all this growing you're doing.  You were 7 lb 5 oz at birth, 7 lb 12 oz at two weeks and when I took you by the doctor's office last Friday at 4 1/2 weeks, you weighed 9 lb 13 oz!  Two pounds in two weeks...I could not believe it!  I am breast feeding you and was worried that you might not be getting enough!  ha!  The nurse also measured your length and you've gone from 19 3/4 inches to 22 1/4.  Again, I was shocked, but so thankful that you are a happy, GROWING boy.

Since the boys started school, we spend our days feeding, talking, sitting on the back porch, and cleaning up the house a little {not much mind you}.  We have all had to adjust to having a baby in the house.  My biggest adjustment has obviously been the lack of sleep!  It's funny though, once I see your sweet face I am awake and ready to go.  I am doing the nights all by myself because your daddy wakes up super early to get your brothers dressed and ready for kindergarten.  He also packs their lunch everyday and takes them to school so you and I can sleep.  The boys are having to learn to be patient when they need something "right now" and my hands are full with you.   We have to remind them to keep the running and playing down to a dull roar when you are sleeping!

You are wearing a size 1 diaper and mostly 0-3 clothes.  When we are around the house I keep you in a soft Kissy Kissy gown or onesie because we need to be ready for sleep at all times!   I saved a lot of your brothers clothes, but they will only work if you are a BIG boy because you were born in different seasons.  Looks like that's going to work out perfectly!        

You have already been out and about much more than Tradd and Jackson at this age.  We've met a friend of mommy's for lunch, stopped by Target, attended your brother's soccer game, celebrated at a birthday party, and we've tried church twice!  We've also gone out to eat a few times.  
You are definitely going to be on-the-go with us, little man!

Before you were born everyone was anxiously waiting to see if you would look like your brothers.  In our 
3-D ultrasound we thought you did, but right now I think you look very different.  Your Gigi says you look like me as a baby!  Hard to believe that we name you after your daddy and you would end up looking like me.  We are soaking up every single second with you...enjoying how you are changing everyday and not trying to rush a thing.  We love you sweet boy!      



final bump

I was organizing some pictures on my computer and realized I had never shared a few of my last pregnancy pictures.  I mentioned a long time ago that I did not have a lot of pictures of myself pregnant with the boys.  At the time, I was thinking "I'm huge!",  but now I regret not doing it because I can't remember what I looked like while I was pregnant with them.  I did much better this time and already have treasured looking back and seeing Hampton in my belly.  This picture was taken on August 5th...5 days before he was born.  I was 38 weeks pregnant.  

These next pictures where taken the Monday before Hamp was born.  The night before I had Tradd and Jackson my family went out to eat at Blue Marlin together....I've always jokingly called it "The Last Supper",  We wanted to keep the tradition, but since we had to be at the hospital soooo early that Wednesday morning, we decided to go a night earlier.  This was our last family picture as a family of four!   

And this is the whole crew!  What a precious memory for me.  After we ate, we all walked up the street for ice cream...while we walked I held my daddy's hand and we talked just the two of us.  

The next pictures where taken the day before Hampton was born by my precious friend Micah.  I had mentioned to her that I wanted her to take a few pictures of me and it just worked out that that day was best for us both {I guess that's one advantage to one of your best friends being a photographer!} .  I am so thankful to have these pictures and they mean even more to me that she took them.    
You can visit her website HERE.