When I'm a Little Old Lady

Another blog that I visit from time to time, Owlhaven, has written something that I think every mother of a little boy, or boys, should read...get out the kleenex... you can read it for yourself here.

I know I've been MIA lately. I'll do better. Promise.


Love Letter: Month Twenty...sorta

Dear Tradd and Jackson,
Well, I'm a little late with this letter to you, but I have a really good excuse. I was working out of town on the 23rd (and a few days after) without a computer and when I can home it was Halloween week! That's right...I said "week" because this Halloween thing is a big deal when you are a kid. As a child, Halloween lasted one night... you dress up, visit your neighbors, and bingbang suddenly your sack was filled with candy! But as your mama, I now realize it takes time...

I started months ago thinking of what the two of you could be for Halloween. We decided monkey costumes would be the perfect fit because, as of late, you have been "monkey see...monkey do". As soon as costumes came out I started scouring the stores for the monkey suits....but keep in mind that we need two. In the same size. And being the frugal mama that I am, I WILL NOT PAY FULL PRICE! As luck would have it I found the last two monkey costumes at BabyGap (on clearance, of course) and they were both in your size! It was meant to be!

Once the costume was out of the way I still had to help coordinate your class party (at which Jackson ate entirely too much food and need to unbutton his pants),

find time in the month the take you to the pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin,

and take you to Boo at the Zoo!

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, but watching you two laugh histerically at one another dressed as monkeys...that might just change my mind.

Mama Monkey


The Answers

I'm working on writing a book about twins...here is what I have so far...leave me a comment and tell me what you think...

Title: The Answers

Dedication: To Tradd and Jackson, I hope you both have a set of twin BOYS when you grow up. Much Love, Mama
To Mothers of Twins, good luck, you are gonna need it.

Yes, they are twins. Yes, two boys. They are (x) months old. Yes, I do have my hands full. Yes, they are identical. Yes, I can tell them apart. How? Because I'm the mama. No, twins don't run in my family. No, we were not on fertility drugs. Yes, we do go through a lot of diapers. No, I do not want to be in your "twins club"...wait...do y'all drink at those meetings? Thank you, I know they are adorable.

The End

I'm pretty sure I've got a best seller on my hands.....


Love Letter: Month Nineteen

Dear Jackson and Tradd,

Jackson, did you just notice that I put your name first? I always say "Tradd and Jackson" and I wonder sometimes if you wish I would say your name first. Maybe I say it that way because they pulled Tradd out of my belly first? Or maybe because his name is shorter? I don't know...maybe you don't care right now, but I bet you will one day...and by then I will be so good at saying it both ways you won't even notice.

Today you are nineteen months old and I just can't believe it. This morning before Sunday School, when Daddy and I were telling you "Happy Nineteen Month Birthday", we counted up and you will be TWO in 5 short months! We just shake our heads because there are no words that we have found to slow all of this down.

We have been taking you to Sunday School (when you are not sick and when we are home!) and you love it. You play very nicely with the other children and that makes me happy. Blake and Carlin are in our class for the singing at the beginning and they help me keep you in your seat! Carlin is soooo funny because she really wants you to do the hand motions so she helps you every time. And every once and a while she just leans over and plants a big kiss on you! These two love you both very much (everytime I see them they immediately ask where you are) and we don't get you together near enough. Aunt Hope and I will promise to do better!

You are also loving your Mother's Morning out class. You have not cried one single time when I have dropped you off and only once when I picked you up, but I think that was because you didn't want to leave! When I come back to get you and you see my face, you smile so big and put your hands out to me. That makes me think that you finally know what love feels like too. You love your teachers, Ms. Melissa and Ms. Lisa, and when we are leaving you hug their necks tight. I feel safe leaving you with them because I know that they already love you. How could they help it?

This month you have started to "count" things...of course, Daddy and I have been counting around you for a while, but this month you gave "your" numbers voice. We first noticed it when you would stand on the ottoman in the kitchen and wait to leap into someone's arms. We've heard you both, "One, two, Threeeeeee!!" although it doesn't sound quite like that! And now when we are reading books you try to count things on every page...you will take your pointer finger and randomly point to things and after three it sounds like "duhh, duhh, duhh"...I'm pretty sure you've gotten all the way to 16.

While all of this makes us sound like the Cleavers, let me assure you that you two are not exempt from the occasional "flair up" as I like to call it. You are learning to share, learning how to wait, and learning that hitting is not how you show anger. I think that one of the biggest misconceptions about twins is that they are born knowing how to share. This is not the case, and although I do think that you have had to learn these things earlier perhaps, than others, you are still learning too. We have been trying "Time Out" with you and it seems to be working. You have already learned by the tones in our voices that you need to sit and NOT get up. I do have to laugh though, because usually the one not having to sit will find the one who is having to sit and join him on the floor. (In this picture, Jackson was in "time out") I guess you like to be together...even if it means being in trouble together. Trust me...this does scare me immensely for the future. Maybe going to different colleges wouldn't been so bad after all....

One of the clearest memories that I have of pregnacy was a conversation that I had with your Gigi. We had just found out that you were "two" not "one", and I just could not wrap my brain around how I was going to have enough love for both of you. How was I going to have enough energy to hold each of you when you needed me, to read with you alone sometimes, to make each of you feel like you were the best kid on the planet? She assured me that I would, although I sighed and shook my head. Now that I have you, I know she was right because that's just how it is with God's love too. He has enough energy to hold each of us all the time, not just when we need him; and He sits with me when I find time to read a devotion and somehow the words are perfect for just that moment; and He makes me feel like I am the best mama in the world...and I know that I will always be enough for you because of Him.



"Down and Out" at 30

I woke up 30 years old Saturday morning. I have never struggled with turning another year older. I've gladly helped some of my closest and dearest friends celebrate their 30th's this year. In fact, I've been to SIX 30th birthday parties in the last 6 months and let me just tell ya...it's all fun and games until it happens to you. It's strange because I don't feel a lot older, I just sound a lot older.

Saturday morning, as I limped into the kitchen to take my vitamins (limping because of the heels I wore Friday night that made my feet ache...another sign of "agedness"- and vitamins because old people need supplements...) I flipped on the Today Show for a little Saturday morning useless information. I heard Natalie Morales introducing the next segment which was on finding the right fitting bra AT ANY AGE. Turns out the first model was in her twenties wearing a teeny tiny tank top...she didn't need support as much as she did nipple control so they hooked her up with the perfect bra. The next model was in her thirties. AND THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME...I had moved up to the next "category" overnight. This girl sounded just like me. She was suffering from, as I like to call it "down and out syndrome". If you have never breastfed you have no idea what this means, but you will...oh you will. She had just finished breastfeeding and needed help. They found her some $200 bra that fixed her problem. At this point, I am shaking my head and giving her my own advice through the tv.

Buy a bigger shirt and slap on a little lipstick. It draws the eye up.

I changed the channel after that so I have no idea what you are suppose to do when you turn 40. Guess I can only hope they will run that clip again in 10 years.


It's 11:50 and I should be in bed nursing this head cold, but instead I am feeling "blogger guilt" that I haven't told you a thing about the boys going to school! First of all, I know I'm their mama and all, but can I just tell you how cute they looked?! I'd forgotten about these shirts in the closet, actually I'd forgotten how to iron but that's a whole different post. Anyhoo, they were adorable...when I dropped them off they walked right into the classroom, took a seat at one of the tables, and waited patiently as the teacher's aide gave them a few goldfish crackers (you can get these two to do just about anything you want for food). I nonchalantly walked out of the room and left. I got in my car and for once I didn't know what to do with myself. Three hours later as I rushed back to pick them up (I figured out what to do with the time), I was greeted by a smiling teacher and two happy babies! She said that they were awesome...just what a first-timer wants to hear...

We also cut their hair for the first time the night before school started. You know we had been going back and forth on it and we just decided to do it. I held as Lee cut. I don't think I will ever forget sitting in our kitchen holding each boy while their Daddy gave them their first haircut. Little baby hair all over me and even in my mouth...Lee and I laughing nervously about what one wrong snip would look like...trying to tape ourselves with the video camera "handsfree"...and suddenly two little boys walking around our house.

AND finally, Elmo. We went tonight with the Shealys and Sturkies. Of course, Tradd and Jackson were more interested in going up and down the steps and helping everyone else eat their snacks, but they did enjoy seeing "Melmo".

Well, it's 12:10....today's my birthday. I'm thirty. I'm old...I should have been in bed hours ago....


Busy Weekend...Busy Week

We have had a busy few weeks! Lee and I went out of town two weekends ago with our great friends, Micky and Stephanie Sturkie. We stayed at Pawley's Plantation on Pawley's Island which was beautiful...it was such a relaxing weekend. We ate great food, the boys golfed, we went to the beach, and slept late!! We all came back rested and happy. After we came home, Steph and Micky found out that this new baby is a GIRL! We are so happy for them and can't wait to meet Chloe's sister!

This past weekend was, of course, Lee's favorite weekend of the year...Carolina football! He can barely contain himself. I wasn't going to go to the game, but my dad and stepmom called Friday to say that their plans had changed and they kept them for us. We are so thankful to have people close by to keep the boys for us!

The other part of our weekend/holiday was spent doing a few home improvements...something I love to do, but something that always takes way longer than I think! Lee got me a flat screen tv for my birthday (I'm not talking about that until later in the week...) so Micky and Steph came over to help mount it to the wall. It looks great and I love having a tv in our room (we've never had one). The other thing we worked on was our front porch. We painted the railing, front door and around the front door. We just spruced it up a bit and if I do say so myself it looks pretty darn good.

Now for the "busy week" part. The boys start Mother's Morning Out on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to seeing them go to "school" for the first time! I'll update later in the week to let you all know how that goes. AND we are so excited because we are going to see Elmo at the Colonial Center on Thursday. These two love Elmo so I'm anxious to see what they will think of a life-size version!

Well, check back with us this week for updated and pictures from school!


Love Letter: Month Eighteen

Dear Tradd and Jackson,
I've decided that once a month I am going to write a love letter to the the future "you", so that one day you can go back and read all about what your life was like. When you have kids of your own one day you will realize what I was doing all of the months before and could not keep this up until now....

You are beginning to look more like little boys and less like babies. I think your hair is what makes you look older all of the sudden. You both have been bald most of your lives and this is strange because Daddy and I both have thick hair. When you look back at pictures of yourselves I hope that you will not be mad at us for not cutting it. Just when I think I've gotten up the nerve,with scissors in hand, I can't do it....but it's coming very soon. I have to giggle when you wake up from your naps in the afternoon because you both look like distant relatives of Albert Einstein. Somehow, the way the light streams in your bedroom window and bounces off the thousands of stray hairs you still look like babies to me. That's why I can't cut it. I am trying to slow this process of growing up and if leaving those curls gives me even one more glimpse of you as babies, then the crazy hair stays.

You both have really started to play lately...by yourselves and together, but you like it best when we all play together. Every time I get in your play yard one of you immediately comes to sit on my lap. Usually you come to me with a book in hand(the "Bright Baby" books are your favorites)and you will sit with me as long as I will let you. It is in those moments, when I am trying to share my lap with both of you, that I am overwhelmed that I am your mama. And that we were lucky enough to have twins. I can not imagine just having one of you. People ask me all the time if y'all have a secret language between the two of you. Just once I'd like to have the nerve to say, "How should I know if it's a secret?" I do watch you playing together and you are communicating, but I am hoping it's in some early form of English because I was never good at when it came to foreign languages much less secret ones!

Neither of you are very interested in television and for that I am thankful. We want y'all to play like we did as kids, outside riding bikes until dark. However, there is one show that will stop you in your tracks when you hear the music. ELMO, or Melmo as you call him, is absolutely your favorite character. Maybe it's the way he talks or the way he repeats himself, but whatever it is..it mesmerizes you both. I even catch myself humming that tune...La la la la- la la la la- Elmo's World...

School started for all the kids this week and while Mommy does miss teaching, I am so thankful to be home with you. I guess I am still teaching, I've just got a much younger class! You both are doing very well with saying words and using sign language. The funniest thing that you have done lately is trying to sign "I love you". You both get your arm up like a chicken wing and point your whole hand down...more like a gang sign gone bad, but we are working on it.

As I am writing this, you are sleeping in the next room like angels. Y'all are great sleepers, sometimes sleeping 11 or 12 hours a night and then taking a 3 hour nap during the day. You have gotten use to sleeping in the same room and you rarely wake each other up. Secretly though, if your Daddy is out of town I will grab one of you and sneak into our bed. I love snuggling up to you and watching you sleep. I still creep into your room at night to cover you up and make sure you are comfortable. I am still whispering for you to stay my baby boys. Just stay.



Taking "frugal" to a whole new level

Last night I realized that the boys are in dire need of new pajamas! It's not that they don't have enough, they just don't have enough that fit. The only ones left in the drawer to choose from were the ones with feet that snap to the shirt. You know the "old fashinoned" kind that Carter's made cool again. Anyway, I'm sure you can see where this is going. With a few snips, I cut the feet out of those bad boys and viola! We can get at least another 3 months out of these things.

Sick babies and a Send Off

We spent the better half of last week tending to two sick babies. Lee left to go out of town Wednesday and as my luck would have it Jackson wakes up from his nap with a temperature of 104. I immediately gave him fever reducer and it came down. He was up most of the night flopping around my bed like a fish, but I was glad for the company. When Tradd woke up Thursday with fever too, I went ahead and made an appointment for that afternoon. It was their ears again. Tradd had both ears infected and Jackson just one. One more in the next month or two and we are headed for tubes.
Lee was sweet enough to cut his trip short and came home Thursday night late so that I could keep my lunch plans for Friday with my friends from Springdale. People ask me all the time if I miss teaching school and I do...but mostly I miss the people I worked with...and the kids, but it's different when you teach 5th grade because we are the end of the road. All of my old students are in middle school now, so when I go back to visit I don't know any of the kids. (Just a side note, my first class of students will graduate this year!) Anyway, it was good to catch up with all of them and just be at school a little bit.
Saturday we went to Presbyterian for Bryson's Fan Day. The boys had a ball, but it was HOT! We only got to see him for about 45 minutes. He is so good with the boys although one time he was clearly using them to bait the cheerleaders. Really, we are here to help, Bryson....
And finally Sunday. My sweet Anna (my best friend Cindy's oldest child) left for college. I guess I'm the closest thing she has to an older sister so she asked me to tag along. We had a surprisingly easy time unloading and getting her settled in. It brought back so many good memories of college life for me and Cindy and Jacob. We laughed a lot that day, but in the end we all left a piece of our hearts standing on the sidewalk in Charleston. I'm so proud of her and I know she will love it there.


Biggest Summer Yet

I've heard it said before, "The bigger the summer vacation, the harder the fall." I'm not sure if they are talking about the actual season of Fall or if they are referring to the depression that one falls into as soon as they realize that last trip of the summer is over. Nonetheless, this has been our "biggest" summer yet. Since I decided to take a little hiatis from blogging...since February....let me explain.
Every year our first trip of the summer is to Bryson City, NC for Decoration...or "Declaration" as Lee called it for years until my keen ear heard the slip and corrected him. For those of you not well versed in "country", Decoration is another word for family reunion or at least it is in my family. We go Memorial Day weekend and my parents rent this huge log cabin called Black Bear Lodge. We cookout with family, tube down Deep Creek, and spend time together.
In June, Lee and I went to Edisto with Cindy and Jacob Wilkerson. We had so much fun on the boat (the first time we'd had it in the water in 2 years!) We had amazing weather, especially for our boat trip to Charleston. While there we both celebrated our anniversaries...we share our wedding date, June 23rd.
The last week/weekend in June Lee and I went to the Dominican Republic with our great friends, JP and Amanda. We had such a great time doing absolutely nothing! The highlight of our trip was Lee playing water polo. When you see the pictures you will know why....
July found us back at the beach with both of our families. My family made our annual trip to Fripp Island for the 4th. The boys loved the sand and the water! We really had to watch Jackson because he had no fear of the water. The cool thing about Fripp is that it is a very wide beach and tide pools form about half way to the ocean. This was perfect for the boys because they could play in the water without the waves. We came home from Fripp for 2 weeks and then we went to Surfside with Lee's entire family. This is the first time that I have ever been with Lee's whole family and I really loved it. Lee worked that week in the mornings because Myrtle Beach is in his territory. And again the boys loved to play in the sand and surf and had a lot of fun with their cousins!
Our summer was wonderfully full and wonderfully exausting...time to rest.....wait, football season starts in 3 weeks.......


Wow! How slack am I? I haven't written since Halloween...and to be honest the only reason I am writing now is because people keep asking we when I'm going to write again! People actually read this stuff...My new year's resolution is to be a better blogger and write in the boys baby books. I have decided to make my resolutions on February 1st, because most people have already fallen off the wagon and I'm just getting started!
So much has changed in our little world since Halloween...the boys are close to walking, but haven't quite gotten the nerve to "let go", they have lots of teeth (Jackson has 4 on bottom 2 on top and Tradd has 2 and 2),they are sleeping through the night, and Tradd is dancing! Life is good!
I can not believe that we are going to be celebrating their first birthday this month. As I look back all I can do is shake my head....to say that the year has flown by has been an understatement. I was looking back at pictures from the day they were born and I'm blown away even now...I guess it's that they change to drastically that first year. I mean they are dancing...and so is my heart.