About Me

Hi!  I'm Misty and the brainchild behind Always, Misty.  Just kidding...you don't have to be a brainchild to write a blog, but you do have to love to write and I do... for the most part.  {As an aside, what even is a brainchild? Such a weird word.}  You've come to this page to read all about me so here goes...
Misty is my given name.  It's not short for anything.  It was 1977 and my mama liked it, ok?   This is perhaps the number one question people 1) ask me when meeting me or 2) want to ask me, but don't have the guts.  I didn't mind my name as a child, got picked on in college for sounding like a stripper so I started to kind of hate it, and now I've just come to embrace it.  It's my name and my mama gave it to me so I will be happy with it.

I am married to my one true love, Lee, and we have three boys, identical twins Tradd and Jackson and our wild card, Hampton.  Aside from my relationship with Christ, my marriage is my number one priority.  We are constantly trying to love each other well and really that's about the best one can hope for in any relationship...to be loved well and known fully.

I was a school teacher and I loved that job.  I felt like I was good at it most days.  I miss the classroom, but mainly the school supplies.  I currently work as an educational consultant for a publishing company.  This job has allowed me to travel the country.  It has also landed me in some pretty shady parts of big cities in rental cars...so equal parts adventure and sketchiness.

I am a terrible speller and tend to make up words when I write.  I use commas way to often, so if you are the grammar police this is not the blog for you.   I overuse ellipse {that's what the dot dot dot's are called}...and write exactly like I talk {that's called voice.}

I prefer baking over cooking, fall over summer, and printing over cursive.  I love to read and at any given time will be reading more than one book.  I'll drink red wine from a box {#budget} with no shame.  I am a stickler for good stationary and can't pass up a funny cocktail napkin in the line at TJ Maxx.

I like to exercise and am training for a half marathon.  This speaks to the fact that I can be talked into doing just about anything if my friends are doing it too.  

Well.  That about sums me up.  Glad you are here.