It. Has. Been. Crazy. andthenalittlemorecrazy

Some of you only came to see this sweet face.  I don't blame you.  

So I just wrote a fabulous post and then hit the wrong button and totally lost it so here are the cliff notes.  {What is it with me and technology?  geez.} Well, it's been crazy for several wonderfully crazy reasons...

1.  Computer died.  Again.  Geek Squad said "buy a new computer," but my Daddy came to the rescue and got it fixed for me.  I love when daddy's do that. 

2.  I started a new part time job!  It's at the hospital working with babies....this is terrible news for Lee for obvious reasons.  I LOVE it.  

3.  We traveled to Lee's hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving...his grandfather had never seen Hampton.  I snapped this picture of their hands while he was holding the baby.  I die.   

4.  We traveled to the mountains to get our Christmas tree!  We were actually there on Thanksgiving Day....we paraded and ate and napped and tree hunted and rode a horse.  It was glorious.

5.  Leon found us in the mountains...

5.  We came home for me to spend the week volunteering the Junior League of Columbia's Holiday Market...our committee has worked for so long to make this year's market an overwhelming success!  It's a looooong week, but in the end we are all giddy and ready for the next year.  Or maybe that's the champagne...one never can tell.  

6.  So I'm "back on the line" as it were.  See you soon..... 

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