Happy Everything!

Well I've managed to stay away for an entire month!  Just like you, we were very busy over the holidays.  Honestly, I think about blogging so often I just can't seem to make it to the computer.  On the rare occasion that we are at home, AND Hampton is sleeping, I always find other house things that keep me busy until he's up again.  That being said, I need to do a better job of keeping our memories in order here!  So here are the highlights {and a few lowlights}...  

The boys got out for Christmas mid-December, but not before they had a party at school.  That same day, Jackson was asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance on the daily news.  He volunteered to hold the flag while his classmate lead the Pledge.  It was also pajama day!  Lee and I watched from the library and could not have been prouder.  I brought Hampton with me to their class party and they were so proud to show him off!  

The next event of our Christmas break was not a great one...the Thursday before Christmas our friends, The O'Cains, came over for dinner.  They have three kiddos just like us, two boys and a girl.  All five big kids played so well together and then a scooter accident brought the party to a screeching halt.  Tradd's head hit the pavement...and no, he was NOT wearing a helmet.  Needless to say, the four adults jumped into action with ice and wash cloths.  We all stood over him for a good 30 minutes to watch the bump.  I am not exaggerating when I say it looked like half a tennis ball on his forehead.  I even made the late night call to my neighbor, Heather, who ran right over to take a look.  She'a a nurse and made me feel so much better!  I later told her that if she ever needed late night monogramming then I'm her girl!   

I had to work during the day Christmas Eve {still loving my job} but I made it home in time for us prepare our food for the next day, and make it to church together.  Our church has a 4pm service especially for families and it was wonderful.  It was Hampton's first time in the church nursery and I have to say, it felt weird for just the four of us to be sitting together.  After church we went to my parents for our special Christmas Eve meal, shrimp and grits.    We've eaten this meal as long as I can remember....and this year we added collards that my daddy grew in his garden!  Taylor's Ashley had to work Christmas Day so we exchanged Christmas with her.    
Then we rushed home to wait on Santa and he certainly delivered!   

Hampton slept through most of the festivities...

Just waking up!  Love that sleep face...

H loved his bubble bee!

Tradd helping Hampton with his stocking 
 Later that day, we headed to Chester to celebrate with Lee's family.  My boys looooove being with their cousins so they had a LARGE time.   I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics of that night!!  

The next part of our Christmas was spent with my family skiing in the mountains...we sledded, took long naps, drank hot chocolate, shopped a little, and Tradd and Jackson went to ski school!!!  The class was all day {they even fed them lunch and snacks} and I was a little worried they would not last, but they did great and loved every minute of it.   

Bryson and Taylor

My cousin Ally striking a pose


The many sweet faces of Hampton

Around the Burton House at Christmastime!

We arrived home just in time to ring in the new year!  The Bolen's came over for steaks and fireworks...and by fireworks I mean Jeff actually brought over an arsenal.  We could have shot fireworks until the fourth.  The boys were awake to ring in the new year and I just loved kissing my boys at midnight!    


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