pictures and a project

Micah and her camera came to the rescue {again} when I found myself out of days to have picture made for Christmas!  It also helps that she's my best friend and loves me....these pictures captured Christmas 2011 for me just perfectly.

While out Christmas shopping with my mom this year, I came across the neatest treat for winter...Hot Chocolate on a Stick!  I immediately purchased the two boxes I found and when I brought them home, the boys loved them! However, at $5 for 3 sticks, that hot cocoa was a little high to become a staple around here!  I started poking around and found several recipes online for making Hot Chocolate on a Stick at home.  As with most crafty/baking ideas that I have, I immediately called Ashley, my future sis-in-law, and we made a date to create!  We used this recipe... Hot Chocolate on a Stick...ENJOY!


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