a puppy, pox and provisions

1.  I have no idea why the letter P is working it's way into all of my posts (see there it goes again)

2.  Last Monday Lee came home with a puppy.  This was not something we had planned or prepared for...in fact we haven't even so much as discussed getting another dog since our Max died.  Losing him was more painful than we expected and I remember saying that I didn't care that we ever had another dog because it was just setting us up for loss.  We still have our other schnauzer, Molly, who is one of Max's puppies.  Lee and I got Molly as soon as she could leave her mama...I guess you could say she was our only "little girl!"  Until now.... 

Introducing 'Mae' 

       3.  Last Wednesday, Lee noticed a few bumps on Jackson's back....which led to a thorough inspection that only led to more bumps...we called the nurse, we "Web M.D.'ed" and decided that Jackson either had chicken pox or had gotten into poison ivy or oak.  The chicken pox seemed unlikely due to the fact that he has been vaccinated  and the "poisons" seemed unlikely because it's January.  A quick trip to the doc the next day revealed that it was CHICKEN POX!  Come to find out you can still get the pox after being vaccinated, but should have a much milder case, which he did.  He was out of school Thursday and Friday.

4.  During our lunch together Thursday, right out of the blue Jackson says to me,
          "Mom, when I go to heaven I want to help God with the babies."  
          "What do you mean, buddy?" I questioned.
          "I want to bring them from up there {points to sky} into peoples bellies."  

    I was speechless.  Not only does this precious child already know that he's going to heaven, he already knows what job he wants to ask for.

5.  Last week our new recipe to try came from the website Annie's Eats...It was delicious Chicken Gyros!  I did not go to the trouble of making the tzatziki sauce because it looked pretty involved and we don't love it.  Please TRY THIS and let me know when you do!!!  I could not believe this chicken came from my kitchen it tasted that good!

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